April 16, 2018

Special Gift For Mom - AtHomeDiva(Quikr India Pvt.Ltd) Beauty Service

Welcome Back!
So April is filled with events in our lives, We have our wedding Anniversary, Our Son's Birthday & Also My Parent's wedding anniversary.

Every year this month has lot of planning going on for all the events.
This year I could choose to do something different. I thought to give my Mom a at home spa service. I live in Singapore & my mom is in India sending gifts is expensive as well choosing a gift is most challenging, since my Mom is a home maker I always think of ways to relax her & let her enjoy little moments of life, so this year I gave her a gift of At Home Spa service from an online website HERE https://www.athomediva.com/ Initially I was a bit nervous as my mom is very special to me & I wanted her to enjoy & relax, so sending someone at her door step to take care of her skin and provide at home spa service was a new thought. My Mom doesn't visit parlours & spa often, as she always says she is too busy to travel in busy Bangalore roads & has no time.
So It was a great idea to send the service to her doorstep at the comfort of her home so she can finish her family & home duties & relax at her own home while getting Pampered.
I chose following Services: (skin service)​ Facial,​ (Derma melain whitening facial ), threading ,Face and Neck Bleach & Fruit pedicure.

I choose the date & time & Provided address for the service.
When I booked the appointment I got a service booking Id to follow & track the status, bill & details.On the day of the service the Lady arrived 10 minutes before time.Luckily My sister was at home on this Saturday & she documented the pampering session for me so that I can see my mom getting pampered.After The service I had a video call with my mom & she was so happy with her experience, she loved the entire session, the cleanliness & hygiene aspect, the professionalism, the service beautician who came for the services, her ways of working, the ways of doing the facial, pedicure & other services.My mom specially mentioned the beautician who came was too good in her work, was very gentle & did the facial with so much patience and professionalism , she changed the sheets couple of times, & water a lot of times. She started with the bleach, then facial and threading eyebrows & finally did pedicure.

The over all service time was 3 hours 15 minutes & my mom loved every bit of everything. Here are some of the pictures from the session. If you wish to book their service download their app from google play its called AtHomeDiva . You also get the latest Offer & discounts on the app don't forget to avail those & also to track your booking.

Seeing my Mom's at home spa service my sister also got excited & she booked for herself the at home spa/beauty service next day.

Just a little note, they are more busy on weekends then on weekdays so keep that in mind when you want to book for yourself, plan ahead so you can get the service at your desired day & timing.
I loved seeing the smile on my Mom's face after the session & loved that she loved the service & I could make her relax and happy through this :)                                  

Here are few of the pics from the beauty session.
I am glad the  trained & certified stylists that at home DIVA service sents are well equiped with the beauty tools & professional to invite at your home.

                                                           DURING FACIAL




Thankyou AtHomeDiva  for the wonderful service, I would look forward to more such amazing services & would love to book for me one when I am back home :)


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