October 31, 2018

Introducing The ShopBack Cashback Buddy!

Have you guys ever shopped before - be it online or offline - and then only realized soon after paying that you could have gotten a discount on your purchases? If yes, then perhaps this article might be of help to you.
ShopBack, to those who aren’t familiar with the name, is a Cashback website that lets you earn Cashback off your online shopping transactions off many popular online stores. What they also have is the ShopBack CashBack Buddy and with that, you can ensure that you’ll never miss on a chance to save with Cashback.
Introducing the ShopBack Cashback Buddy - The Button that lets you earn Cashback, whenever you are shopping online.


  1. Easily discover stores that offer cash back in your search result.
  2. Earn cash back wherever you are online.
  3. Notifies you whenever you are in an online store that is eligible for Cashback from ShopBack.
  4. Lets you discover the availability of Cashback from stores you never knew were valid for Cashback from ShopBack
  5. Serves as a notification in case a user forgets to click through ShopBack - a pop-up notification will appear, just click on activate cashback button on the pop-up and you will be valid to earn Cashback!
  6. And many more - with many new features set to be available in the future to help shoppers make smart shopping decisions

Get the Shopback Cashback Button Here: https://www.shopback.sg/cashback-button?utm_source=cbbo-pjb




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