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Showing posts from April 2, 2017

Easy Indian Glam Makeup Tutorial |Brown Bronze look| SuperPrincessjo

Hey Guys I am BACK!! Thanks for all the lovely comments & messages when I was in India on vacation, a lot had happened since then, I will be uploading my India vlogs next, stay tuned for all the upcoming fun India vlogs. In this video I am sharing Easy Glam Makeup Tutorial for Indian Skin tone, if you are a beginner in makeup this is fun glam makeup tutorial to try .

Night Time Skin Care Routine | SuperPrincessjo

Hey Guys!! Today I am sharing My Night Time Skin Care Routine for oily & dull acne prone skin.I have recently updated my skin care routine to take of the wrinkles,acne /pimple marks & to keep my skin pores tightened & to keep skin clean & clear. I would love to know what skincare products you use So that I can discover new products & hear from you guys what products you love so comment below.

Testing Unique Korean Beauty Products | Tried & Tested Series | SuperPrincessjo

I am going to try & test amazing new korean beauty products for you that have been going viral on social media lately. This is part of my tried & tested video series.These Unique Korean Beauty products are something that you need to get immediately for clear skin.I am going to share the sebum out peel off pack directions in this tutorial. Products Mentioned- W.Lab Sebum out peel off pack review SLOJ MAYPURE Four beauties mask pack- Moisturising mask Colour Magic Romantic Peel Off Lip Tints BUY: BUY: BUY: buy more korean beauty products globally here New Video Upload Every Monday,Thursday & Friday & I do upload surprise videos in between. 

Life At Google | A Day In Youtuber's Life Vlog | SuperPrincessjo

Today I am sharing A Day In Life Vlog where I take you guys along with me through my day!! So you can see what I do as a Youtuber behind the camera along with filming & uploading videos on youtube. Enjoy this vlog where I show you new Google Singapore office & a glimpse of my life.Thanks for watching. New Video Upload Every Monday,Thursday & Friday & I do upload surprise videos in between. 

A Day In My Life Vlog | Family Shopping HAUL | SuperPrincessjo

Hey Guys!! Welcome back to another A day in my Life vlog. As I am Packing & getting holiday & winter ready, for my India Trip in next week, I am also preparing gifts for family & packing for my family holiday. In this vlog I will show you a day in my life & also the Singapore shopping or HAUL that I did this day. Enjoy ! I love you all so much, you are my online family that I can't live without talking to. Thanks for being here on my channel & being part of my life. Please make sure to like this video & comment below.