October 26, 2017


Hello My Princesses,

Today I wanted to share a little review on these footwear that I recently got from Flat Republic.

I usually wear Size 35 & sometime I fit into size 36, so it depends on the design of the shoes what size fits well to my tiny feet , so I ordered size 35 from them, & surprisingly they sent me the correct size, which is size 70 as per their shoe size chart, Since I never tried the shoes before ordering, I wasn't sure about anything.

But When I received the package both the shoes fitted well,I really like the metallic colors of both the shoes, metallic brown & metallic silver, the size 70 that was sent to me as size 35 is perfect for my tiny feet so the seller very well knows what they are sending the consumer.

I would say the shoes are very comfortable,trendy & easy to carry, I love to wear flats and flip flops in my day to day life and a comfortable pair of shoes are must in each girls wardrobe.So these are my latest shoe love as I am undoubtedly a shoe addict.

Also they come with the dust bag or carry bag whatever you call them.
So I can also carry them in my handbag easily whenever I wish to change shoes in between events, as I also love my high heel shoes for special events,but after few hours of wearing high heels I love to change to more comfy flat shoes so these Flat republic light weight shoes will be my go to shoes for each such occasions, I am glad the  flat republic shoes are light weight,flexible,easily carriable and perfect fit along with the trendy styles & great quality.

 I got mine with local Singapore post in just 2 Days,so that is quite quick shipping.

If you want to check them out Here is their Link for you.

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Talk to You Again soon.


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  2. Both the flats are very nice,.. I love flats, its comfortable and stylish at the same time,.. :)

  3. Nice flats. Good to hear that it fits in your feet well. I love the metallic color.

    Gretta Hewson
    Pasadena Asbestos Lawyer


love and Hugs, have a Blessed day ahead :)

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