June 14, 2016

A gateway To Boracay Philippines Vacation Relaxation

Hello everyone,

Ok let's be honest I always have challenges starting my posts or videos with the greetings!
I am like shall I say hello guys ? or hello girls or hello everyone? & that's why the pattern keeps changing in my greetings.

Well I don't know when will I be satisfied with 1 way of greeting.
Well I am currently In Philippines on Vacation & I have been sharing some vlogs on my vlog Channel Here.

Boracay is a small island Located in the south Of Manila Philippines.
It is known for beautiful beaches,white sand & Green & Blue Waters.
I have had a great experience in Philippines so far.

The people are so sweet & kind, the whole country speaks English.
I haven't met a single person as yet that doesn't speak english so communication is not at all the problem for tourists here.

Today I though so share few beautiful pics of nature for you to enjoy because I know Pics speak better.


As you see above the sunset in Boracay is totally amazing with bright orange hue of colors.

The shadow of the boats & humans make everything so beautiful.

We enjoyed the sunset everyday there with drinks & food at the beach.Our Hotel was sea view hotel with open restaurant & private bath beds . We stayed at the Mandarin Island hotel at Boracay at station 2.

The water at the beach is very shallow so if you are someone who doesn't know swimming like me & scared of depth or water this will be the best place for you to visit.

The beaches are very clean unless & until there are debris from the sea that come to the shore at evening times.

However the next morning everything washes away.

There are many activities that you can do at the beaches like parasailing, snorkeling, body massage,hair braids etc or in fact local market shopping & enjoy the coconut & special beach drinks like coconut with rum (I didn't).

I tried Snorkeling with my husband,we initially went one by one I went for 30 minutes snorkeling & then once I was back my husband got into ocean. We just went again together for 5 minutes to take some pictures together. There were 2 boat people to look after our son when we were down for 5 minutes rest of the time we were looking after our son one by one. Thankfully our sin didn't cry at all whole day of adventure & experienced the beautiful place with us. I think at 3 years age he is more curious to see & learn about new things . Overall it was an great experience at Boracay with my little family.

The people are very friendly with tourists, & they treat you with a lot of respect & they love kids, there were always people stopping us to say hello to our son & also play with him.

There will be more vlogs coming for you to check on My Youtube Vlog Channel .

Can't wait to share more.
Have you visited Boracay what was your experience ?

Love SuperPrincessjo


  1. Boracay looks so beautiful in the pictures which you have shared on your blog.I really want to visit this beautiful place anytime soon.

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love and Hugs, have a Blessed day ahead :)

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