April 21, 2015

Obagi Skin Products and Treatments that you must know of-Ad

Have you heard of Dr Zein Obagi? No? Have you then heard of Obagi skin care products? Well, Dr

Zein Obagi just happens to be the man you can thank for creating the miraculous skin care products

we are all so obsessed with today back in 1988. These products are now produced and marketed by

Obagi Medical Products Incorporation, a leading pharmaceutical company based out of Long Beach


So have you ever wondered what makes Obagi products so wonderful? Is not aging the most

complex concern of all women? I mean have you ever come across a woman who is waiting for her

wrinkles to appear? Obagi Skin Care products are specially formulated to help women get free of the

concern. It is to protect their skin's vitality and youth while at the same time empowering the skin

with more radiance and energy.

The skin must be taken care of religiously. It must be fed too, without fail. Keeping that in mind, the

Obagi skin care products are made of 5 strict steps including: Prepare, improve, stimulate, protect

and control. Use the Obagi skin care products in the right sequence religiously and you would bring

out the best of your complexion. Maybe then you'd wonder seeing your reflection if that really is

your skin, and the answer would be a big YES.

The most popular obagi skin care products available in the market today include the Professional C

serum, Obagi Nu Derm System, Obagi C Rx System, Obagi CLENZiderm M.D. and Obagi Elastiderm

These are all products formulated to deal and treat different issues of the skin and help keep the

skin healthier on a whole. So what are these exactly?

Obagi Professional- C Serum

Containing stabilized ascorbic acid, this product is a form of vitamin C that can be absorbed

effectively by your skin. This is necessary to prevent skin cell damage. You must use the serum

diligently to help prevent premature signs of aging and fine lines and wrinkles on your face. Be sure

of the resilient and brighter skin you'd get post this too.

Obagi NuDerm SYstem

These products are designed specifically to help prevent the loss of natural skin hydration. The skin,

being exposed to weather changes, sunlight, pollution, stress gets highly dull and dehydrated. The

turnover rate has hence been reduced leading to more fine lines and wrinkles and also age spots.

These skin care products take special care of improving the cell turnover rate thereby giving supple

skin which does not show signs of aging.

Obagi C Rx System

The formulation of this product is specially to help reduce age spots. They also help regulate the

melanin producing cells thereby helping in enhancing the collagen production. How can you then not

have smoother, clearer skin with no signs of aging.

Obagi CLENZiderm

This is mostly a prescription product which is used to provide clear complexion in 14 days. It is seen

to be highly effective and penetrates the skin well to provide amazing results in such a short period

of time.

Obagi ELASTiderm

So does the name speak to you? Well it does to me atleast. I could guess by the name that it has

something to do with specialized eye treatment to reduce puffiness and signs of aging and restoring

youthful suppleness to the skin. It also helps improve the collagen building and thereby is effective in

reducing fine lines and wrinkles to a major extent.

So have you realized of your skin issues yet? Are you ready to get them sorted? Then maybe you

want to purchase the Obagi Skin care system best suiting your skin issues and thereby get smoother,

glowing complexion with no skin care worries of the future. Obagi would do that for you.

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