December 04, 2014

bellabox November Singapore INSTAGLAM!

I have been so busy last week, packing ,unpacking and moving, these are the last pics I clicked in My camera for the November bellabox that I got in mid November.

As I always I love the themes and the products put in the box.

You can always watch me using these products in my Youtube videos and reviews on them.

I have already used Revealed 2 palette and sleek lipgloss in the past, I own both of these makeup products,and love them.

Another product that I am loving to use is the NUXE multi usage dry oil, you can apply it on hair,skin both and smells heaven /like perfume.

Please have a look on the products came in November's bella box and the details.

Oh yes the Intercosmo Imagnifico hair product is my favorite too, and I am going to pick a big bottle soon I run out of my current hair products.

Check the list of product here:-

I will catch you guys soon, just trying to get everything settled here fast. I am very excited for the next month's Bella box, it has the theme "Christmas belles"

You can find more about bellabox HERE

Talk to you soon!

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