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How To Look Younger 10 Ways To Look Prettier,Beauty Tips SuperPrincessjo

I have been asked this question so many times,so here I am sharing my tips, hope you enjoy :)

Tutorial:Indian TEEJ FESTIVAL Indian Makeup Tutorial,Nepali,Bangladesi Pink Makeup Look 2014

Teej Makeup /Bollywood makeup /Indian Bridal makeup look-Glamorous Look Pink Silver Gold Eye Makeup For Brown/Tan for Indian Skin Tone TEEJ FESTIVAL MAKEUP TUTORIAL,Indian,Nepali,Bangladesi Festival/Party Makeup Tutorial 2014.contemporary and traditional pink makeup Indian makeup looks for all types of bridal and party functions,wedding guests and festive occasions. Come Say Hi on My Facebook: Saree From- Pepper Closet:- Saree Design- Shreya Saran White Pink Bollywood Replica Saree Checkout their website for online saree and Indian clothes shopping and to look at the salwar kameez and saree designs. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ HOW TO APPLY Indian Foundation Routine: Eyebrow Threading: ♥WATCH MY NOSE HIGHLIGHTING VIDEO: ♥MY FAVORITE SKIN CARE PRODUCTS FOR MY BROWN INDIAN SKIN

How To SAVE MONEY ,Life On Budget Indian Tips,Ways,Monthly Yearly Lifestyle Plan SuperPrincessjo

How To SAVE MONEY fast,Life On Budget Indian Tips,Ways,Monthly Yearly Lifestyle Plan SuperPrincessjo/how to save money fast in Singapore/India How to save money fast and easy Tips: Buy Food that is on sale. use coupon discounts. Cook limited and finish, do not waste. Plan your days ahead, know when you are eating out and when eating at home. Go to restaurants within budget and check the prices before hand. FIRST SAVE then SPEND!! pay your bills first. It is ok not to have everything in life, work toward getting them slowly. Save on your Salon and beauty parlour bills:- Do DIY beauty regimen at home saves a lot of money and no side effects. Have long term plans, not daily,weekly monthly BUT actually yearly plans . example: know your investments cost. your loan cost for home and automobile. kids (if u have) fees and requirements. Any travel you have. always keep some money aside for emergency hospital trips. special occasions like birth days , anniversaries etc Shop at sales. Watch T

Handbags Collection 2014 Storage Purse Collection SuperPrincessjo, Michael Kors,Coach,Guess and more

Come Say Hi on My Facebook: Handbags Collection 2014 storage-I have been ignoring to do this video for so long (years) Finally gathered some courage and time to film and share the handbag collection, I do not wish to share these videos as I totally understand not everyone is blessed to afford everything and it might not be everyone's preference to invest on same things that I do. I totally understand that, and I hope and expect that you respect my choices and enjoy this handbag collection video as much as I enjoyed sharing them, I believe someone somewhere will be benefited by this video and get some idea on making their own handbag choices, like where to buy handbags, hand bags designs and hand bag sales and how to store handbags. I would love to answer your queries so leave me your comments below along with whats your fav handbag in your collection and what you liked in my handbag collection. How I store handbags?  I keep them all i

July Summer Fashion Clothing HAUL 2014 Lookbook store,Choies,Buytrends,SuperPrincessjo

It was In July when I left to post here on my lovely Blog, due to lack of time and my sad mood, Lost my Grandparents ,both within a span of a week. I was shattered, I have never lost someone so close to me ever in my life. I have been posting regular videos on Both My Youtube channels But Missed here. So finally I am updating my Blog with the Tutorials and Videos I shared in past few month.  July Summer Fashion Clothing HAUL 2014 Lookbook store,Choies,Buytrends,SuperPrincessjo