June 27, 2014

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Ok , so I am pissed off with something, that's in my room right now, I am finding it a lot of clutter and want to redo everything, only when I planned to finally decide to buy new furniture because, I just realized that my life on a foreign land will much more then I planned, and I will have to Live in Singapore as expat for a longer time, which in a way is very good, because I always see the pros and cons of every situation. 

Anyways, I have been living in this rented apartment from 1.5 years (in between I was missing as I went to India for my delivery, just because the entire family will be there with us when the baby cupcakes takes birth, nothing else! )

So when I was in India my husband lived alone in this Singapore Apartment, and partied occasionally with his friends!! So When I came back after close to 9 months, I had to do redo a lot of stuff in home and kitchen. But I was mostly busy with my new born son , so always kept planning and doing a little here and there.

Now I just bought few things for home, but still everything looks hot mess.

Long story cut shot, I need to change this home!! we took it 2 years ago when I was just 3 months pregnant, keeping in mind that my hubby has to live here alone most of the time, and I will be away. But when last year when we should have changed this home, I thought I am quite familiar with all the in and around places and shops and everything like, MRT (mass rapid transport Singapore), Shopping mall, kids play school, Hawker center, seven eleven, poly clinic, wet market, public gym, park etc etc everything is just a step out of home. And having a new born in the house where only we both (my husband and I are baby sitters (parents) ) taking care of everything, this place suited us the best.

But now things are different , a lot of new things happened in our lives and we have finally confirmed to live in this small Island Called Singapore for more time.

So, we have decided to change to a other place , which should be much closer to our work place and a better  satisfactorily furnished or we may take un-furnished apartment and buy all new our own furniture.

Well, I also have to pay a visit to IKEA Singapore , I have been planning since long, but somehow its quite far from my place and we get busy with one or the other thing and miss it out.

So probably today evening when I wash this henna off my hair, i will just take go to IKEA with my baby and have my own time there (and probably order some new stuff that I have been planning so long).

This is how My Henna Paste looked after soaking henna for hair overnight.(Below pic)
Always soak your henna overnight but incase you have less time it is very Important that henna paste is soaked at least 6 hours so that it gives good hair conditioning and hair color.
Henna is mother natures gift to man kind it is amazing natural dye that makes hair grow faster, helps in growth of new hair, gives hair natural shine, helps in dandruff treatment and dye hair naturally.

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ALSO, make sure you oil your hair very well after henna application to avoide any dryness caused by henna on hair , Watch my :-

How to hair oil hair after henna use video HERE 

You also need good rubber gloves to help protect your hands from henna stain.Since you will soak the henna for longer time (overnight) henna imparts it's color very quickly and you need to protect your hair from it.

I use 2 types Of Henna for this hair mask, the reason, it's a new receipe , I already have few henna for hair color receipes on my Youtube channel & on MY blog.This recipe has been told my sister, she uses it from few years, She lived in Jaipur City ,Rajasthan India for a year, and the ladies their shared their henna for hair recipe with her, and she in turn shared it with me.

 Godrej Nupur Mehendi 9 herbs blend:
  • Contains the 9 natural herbs of: Brahmi, Shikakai, Aloe Vera, Methi, Bhringraj, Amla, Neem, Hibiscus, and Jatamansi.

Ayur Natural Rajasthani Henna

Nescafe Gold and Classic Coffee

My Hair Color Before HENNA.

I applied Henna On hair in circular High Bun to avoid henna and my long hair falling on my shoulders.

Finally I also wrapped the henna covered head with this one time use shower cap.

NOTE: Henna deepens its color after 3rd to 4th day, and with every wash the hair gets more healthier and shiner

This is how My hair looked after first wash and first day inside home, but close to a window!
The color varies and looks more deeper outside in sun!

June 23, 2014

Collective Summer Fashion Clothing HAUL and Try On's , New Dresses ,Believe In fairytales

Today, I am going to share my Collective Summer Fashion Clothing HAUL and Try On's, New Dresses that I got and how They look on me (Try On).
I thought it's so boring to just shoe the shopping bags or the dresses on the pics, so it would be much more fun to show them on me, so that you guys can have exact idea how they will look. Don't we prefer to look at the online clothing websites models, and actually practically see how the girly stuff looks on them before making an online purchase, then to just see the pic of a dress.

So I hope you guys will like the effort of me wearing all these dresses in one post!!

Oh yes I also want to let you know, I will be doing separate summer Beauty HAUL video as I feel its better to separate these to clothing and beauty products  :)

Trust me changing so many dresses back to back is a tiring process but I enjoyed it this time :).
I literally needed some break in between the dress change, and I was also constantly worried if my son gets up from sleep, it will be a flop show :) Thankfully I put the air con on and he had a very sound sleep in his baby crib for a good 1 hour.And I was done when he was up, it feels like a big achievement when you get to do multi -tasking and things go as per plan. 

Ok so lets have a look on all the dresses!!
I may have forgotton to smile sometimes, that's just because I was too busy filming the video and clicking pics in between changing clothes.

This last piece of clothing is my new Night Dress or you can say sleepwear from Young hearts My favorite store in Singapore North Point Shopping Mall, I feel in love with this at first sight and I had to pick it immediately without any second thought.

Enjoy the complete video to see how these dresses look on my in real ! :)

Summer Fashion Clothing lookbook HAUL List of clothes shown as in sequence in Video.

black peplum dress:HERE


love and money print tshirt: SOLD OUT
self tied elastic sheer red shorts:HERE
Believe in fairy tales sleep wear:HERE

Eye print sleeveless dress:HERE

Retro Slim Bohemian Sleeveless Short Length Dress:
Short Cotton Shorts:HERE

South California company tshirt :HERE
Back Hollow-out Strappy Dress:HERE

Polished Silk Long Sleeve Round Neck Dress:HERE

Sweet New Arrival Korean Style Slim Long Sleeves Dress: HERE
Polo Collar Elastic Waist Pleating Hem Sleeveless Floral Dress

V-neck Sleeveless Gradient Long Chiffon Dress

Lovely Cotton Sleeveless Spaghetti Strap Dress
Round neck chiffon casual dress:

Hong Kong Disney white Minni Mouse T shirt

Hong Kong maplefashions black shorts:HERE

ROMWE Floral Embroidered Red Shirt:HERE

Blue party bling top :HERE

In & out (they don't have a website yet ,But I took the picture of the store from my camera, it was close to the City garden Hotel Hongkong where we stayed)
Elastic strap top
Collar tie sleeveless shirt

C you soon again :)

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