April 18, 2014

Munchkin Baby Click Lock Sippy Review Singapore Baby Products

Munchkin Baby Click Lock Sippy/Sipper is latest baby love at my home this is to start from 12 months onwards as babies can easily suck and pull liquids /juices ,water and milk from 12 months onwards.

Product Description

Let your little one sip without the spills with the 10oz Click Lock Insulated Straw Cup - 2pk by Munchkin. It features leak-proof protection you can see, feel and hear - just turn the lid until you hear the click and you are all locked and set - guaranteed! Insulated for cooler, fresher drinks with a clear outer with color tinted inner cup so Mom can see fill level. The soft, flexible silicone straw is leak proof in the open and closed position. Cleanup is a snap - top rack dishwasher safe. BPA free and ideal for little ones 12+ months.


  • Click Lock leak-proof technology you can see, feel and hear
  • Soft, flexible straw is leak proof in the open and closed position
  • Insulated for cooler, fresher drinks - clear outer with tinted inner cup so Mom can see fill level
  • Top rack dishwasher safe, BPA free
I got this baby sipper few months back from Takashimaya Mall Singapore On Orchard Road from baby market it was totally a random baby shopping I had gone to buy me a new Mac Book Pro Charger In Same mall and saw the baby expo in the attrium so just went there and picked some baby stuff as they had some discount (though the discount was on few items not everything and discount was very less as well). I am a advance planner, I do plan and buy things in advance and I love it because most of the times when you really need something you can not find it easily and its hassle to search things weather its baby stuff or anything for my family and My stuff.

I am so glad I picked it, I just gave this to my Cupcake when he turned 11 months and a week, just to see if he likes it, and no wonder he loves it so much, he never used to love drinking water from his feeding bottle and now just to sip and suck from this sippy he keeps drinking all water whole day, so I had to give him less water so that he doesn't over drink and has stomach ache.

He being a 11 months baby he throws it a lot pulls out the straw thats inside and everything still works well no breakage or damage and can not easily open the top lock so thats great because its important he doesnt spill out liquids on himself.
It is easy to clean and easy for his grip and I love that it has an insulated straw that can be locked inside the sipper.

I love this product over my Tupperware sipper I bought him, which we never use and So I will be replacing it.

I got it for SGD=$12  that's close to Indian Rs.580

If you are interested Link for You HERE and HERE

April 17, 2014

Baby Products Haul, Penguine Baby Bag, Cute Gentleman Baby Suit

In continuation of the baby blogs that I started HERE. Today I am going to share this cute Penguine baby boy bag, My son Loves Penguins, He loves the cartoon Pingu show, We have even Planned His Upcoming First Birthday Party in Pingu theme HERE .

So I wanted to Buy him some cute Pingu stuff for day to day use, he just turned 11 months he can walk now to a lot of extent and His mumma is a crazy shopper (so what If she doesn't have a baby girl to dress up) She has a handsome baby boy who gets so cute compliments everyday from strangers everyone loves his long lashes and head full of silky hair, Ladies in Singapore call him very handsome boy and everyone asks a couple of times Boy ? or Girl? Because he is such a cute baby.
And one thing that most of the Singaporeans thing is Indian Babies are Black in Skin, I just can not believe people have so much less knowledge about other ethnicity and races. And even if a Baby is Black or white or what ever color how can you decide a persons ethnicity by its color, for Most of the Singaporeans Indians are Black and this really makes me sit and teach these ignorants about history and geography and everything about races.

Anyways Back to topic, I love cute baby stuffs, I am not a Mom who will give her Baby girl Only Pink Color everything & to baby BOY everything Blue, Common thats too boring!! for you and baby as well.

My Mom always says me in Hindi" Abhi chota hai sab kuch pehnaao, colors acche lagte hain bacchon pe, bacche coclors dekheke khush hote hain, isslele baby cartoons and toys itne colorful hote hain" 
(Translate: he is baby colors look great on babies that's why all baby toys and cartoons are so eye catchy for babies and look great you should dress him in all colors except pink)

And I Totally agree with her, so I keep my Baby Boys wardrobe colorful only I try to avoid Pink but everything else is in.

So I got him this Cute Penguin Baby Boy Bag this is exactly how I expected it to be the quality of the material inside and outside of the bag is great I am sure he can use it for at least couple of years, for Now I will be using it for him for short trips to grocery market or close to house to keep small baby stuff in it. I am really happy with the shape,size,quality and everything of this penguin bag.


Baby Romper . I choose the white one because I thought it looks great on him & The bag is just amazing, the quality of both the items are great they come in great packing and shipping is faster then I expected , the baby gentleman romper is very soft material the size is perfect it fits him now a bit loose but still it is ok as he is growing very fast and he can use it for few months till he grows out of it.

Finally, If you think Its easy to do baby shoots and Why baby photographers charge so High..
Here is the answers:- My baby kept walking all around and running away from me, because he knew I am going to click his pictures , So he refuses to look at camera.

He started playing and Running away so that I run behind and catch him.

He also tried to climb up all the Benches around. And refused to listen anything I said him to be a good boy :)

If you want to check these for yourself here are the links:-


Dress : HERE

April 15, 2014

Wedding Annivesary Gift From Husband, How To Plan A Wedding Anniversary Surprise , Life Update

 It was our 4th Wedding Anniversary this 11th April 2014 , I was already very tired and fallen a bit sick as well, I was so occupied with work and I also didn't go out shopping because Its been raining from few days In Singapore.

On 10th April morning My dear husband left to work and I Really wanted him to be with me as I was feeling a bit sick and I was worried for the baby care. But when it comes to My Man for him work is work no compromise, you need to do what you need to do even if you are sick.
Can you believe he never takes sick leaves for himself and never ever eats any medicines ( And me being from Pharma background, I keep telling him the use and research and benefits of medicines for quick recovery), He doesn't entertain my excuses for trying to make him stay at home or work from home (which I try sometimes ) being an attention seeker wife some times ;) especially after baby in life, I get very tired sometimes.But he left for work and I was a bit disappointed I guess ,though I knew he just can not stay at home as he has his priorities at present and we have some exciting things happening in life currently, we just have 2 more days till Thursday for the BIG NEWS.

So when he came back home in the evening I was making dinner for us, and I opened the door for him and went back to kitchen doing my work, also I wanted to finish everything fast so that I can take some rest and recover .

He came to kitchen kissed me and closed my eyes with this left hand, carries our son on his arms on right hand and asked me to walk to the Living room.

 I kept on asking why ? what it is? let me finish , I wanna rest ... (you know that attentions seeker wife ;) )

Then he opened my eyes and taddaaa.....!!!

I see a box wrapped in Pink and red hearts gift wrap, I just became so emotional and guilty (as I was complaining inside my own brain that he is no more taking care of me as it was before or may be just that I need that more love when I am a bit sick ;) )

I got in a bit of emotional tears, got some goose bumps as well, and

I was like --why did you get this? what is it? You Don't have to baby , anniversary is tomorrow.

He said:-- Shhhh... Open it , Anniversary is tonight in few hours and I want you to open it now..

Me- Again in all my emotions : Ok..

He- asked: Guess what It is?

Me: May be a dress, a perfume or an i Pad .. (thinking inside my brain no can not be I Pad thats too expensive to buy now, he won't get me a I pad)

So I just opened the gift wrap from side and I peeped inside I see a white Box with Silver Logo, seeing the Apple Logo.....

I SCREAMED....... OMG... OMG... OMG... !!

OMG... !!! BABY ITS I PAD... OMG... NO... IS IT ... ? IS IT A I PAD??

Oh baby why did you get this ?? my god its too expensive we are going to Indian already so much expenditure we have had last few months & more to happen for baby birthday we are planning.

He : Baby you deserve it, It's our anniversary.. I LOVE YOU... and a long kiss after it :-*

I Really felt so important, deeply in love again and felt all better , no more sick :)

He also arranged some cakes, a candle and we did cut the cake at midnight , I was so impressed how wisely he arranged the cakes instead of a full huge cake, as he knows I am on my weight loss journey post pregnancy and I would eat only less cake.

Here are few pics that My Husband took that night for me as he knows I am pic crazy girl, I need pics for everything in Life and the cake was so tasty it was a  blend/ layers  of Vanilla,chocolate and cheese Cake, I just loved it, after eating those cake pieces We felt like eating more, but we both said No...NO.. No more cake we are dieting :)

Here Are few Pics for you guys to ENJOY :) 

And I loved this Anniversary Love card so much , Its just too beautiful outside and Inside.
Sorry I can not show you Its Inside, as its too personal, I read it 3-4 times a day I have kept in on my Dinning Table in Kitchen so I can look at it more often and read his hand written love notes... 
Dear Husband-You really know how to make your wife happy and fall over you all over again My Love.

If you have your Anniversary coming up good luck to you for all the Planning. I am so touched by my Husband's Love He really been a thoughtful hubby to plan and do all this for me :)

By the way I got more gifts That I will share in Upcoming posts and Videos HERE

He also told me later he tried to get me the Pink I pad cover, but the shop didn't had it, it had only black and red So he preferred Red I pad cover as in above picture.
He said Red is at least close to your taste NOT BLACK, I just can not tell how much it is important when your love talks your ways, specially my guy he just talks this ways occasionally and I love it. It feels that he knows you can cares for each and every minute detail to keep you happy and hooked I guess.. He he he..

By the Way I was ok and good On My Anniversary Day 11th April We had lot of fun but I fell sick later and I still have Running nose taking my Paracip Antibiotic Tablets to recover sooner and pack to go India for My Son's Birthday party.

I know I said something else last time HERE, But sooner after that post everything changed and we planned totally different stuff , that I will let you know later :) For Now I need to catch some sleep If my dearest 11 and half months little monster son lets me and then do some packing For India, I will be going to Golden temple Amritsar as well so lot of things happening right now. I am so excited for My first visit to Amritsar Golden Temple. I must VLOG HERE


What are your tips to recover soon from Cold and fever comment and let me know :)

I will be waiting.....

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