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Munchkin Baby Click Lock Sippy Review Singapore Baby Products

Munchkin Baby Click Lock Sippy/Sipper is latest baby love at my home this is to start from 12 months onwards as babies can easily suck and pull liquids /juices ,water and milk from 12 months onwards. Product Description Let your little one sip without the spills with the 10oz Click Lock Insulated Straw Cup - 2pk by Munchkin. It features leak-proof protection you can see, feel and hear - just turn the lid until you hear the click and you are all locked and set - guaranteed! Insulated for cooler, fresher drinks with a clear outer with color tinted inner cup so Mom can see fill level. The soft, flexible silicone straw is leak proof in the open and closed position. Cleanup is a snap - top rack dishwasher safe. BPA free and ideal for little ones 12+ months. Features Click Lock leak-proof technology you can see, feel and hear Soft, flexible straw is leak proof in the open and closed position Insulated for cooler, fresher drinks -

Baby Products Haul, Penguine Baby Bag, Cute Gentleman Baby Suit

In continuation of the baby blogs that I started HERE . Today I am going to share this cute Penguine baby boy bag, My son Loves Penguins, He loves the cartoon Pingu show , We have even Planned His Upcoming First Birthday Party in Pingu theme HERE . So I wanted to Buy him some cute Pingu stuff for day to day use, he just turned 11 months he can walk now to a lot of extent and His mumma is a crazy shopper (so what If she doesn't have a baby girl to dress up) She has a handsome baby boy who gets so cute compliments everyday from strangers everyone loves his long lashes and head full of silky hair, Ladies in Singapore call him very handsome boy and everyone asks a couple of times Boy ? or Girl? Because he is such a cute baby. And one thing that most of the Singaporeans thing is Indian Babies are Black in Skin, I just can not believe people have so much less knowledge about other ethnicity and races. And even if a Baby is Black or white or what ever color how can you decide

Wedding Annivesary Gift From Husband, How To Plan A Wedding Anniversary Surprise , Life Update

 It was our 4th Wedding Anniversary this 11th April 2014 , I was already very tired and fallen a bit sick as well, I was so occupied with work and I also didn't go out shopping because Its been raining from few days In Singapore . On 10th April morning My dear husband left to work and I Really wanted him to be with me as I was feeling a bit sick and I was worried for the baby care. But when it comes to My Man for him work is work no compromise, you need to do what you need to do even if you are sick. Can you believe he never takes sick leaves for himself and never ever eats any medicines ( And me being from Pharma background, I keep telling him the use and research and benefits of medicines for quick recovery), He doesn't entertain my excuses for trying to make him stay at home or work from home (which I try sometimes ) being an attention seeker wife some times ;) especially after baby in life, I get very tired sometimes.But he left for work and I was a bit disapp