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Online Cheap Cute Fashion Clothing For Women Botticelli's Venus Sweatshirt, only $15.99 on 20th Mar

Botticelli’s Venus Sweatshirt you have never seen before! http://www. romwe . com /the- birth-of-venus-print- sweatshirt-p-71776.html On 1am 20 th March GMT, Romwe “the Birth of Venus” Sweatshirt will be sold at the price of $15.99, whose original price is $39.99. Only on March 20th, only 24 hours! Worldwide free shipping, shipped in 24 hours. More than 3000 customers have already added it to the shopping cart. Want a free one?? Click romwe facebook page to get a free one!! >>>

Skin Burn Treatment and Natural Remedies ,Popped Burn Blister

Today is the 4th Day since this Burn Injury Happened with me on Sunday The Morning Of Holi festival . I was making breakfast Indian Aaloo kachori  and while I got distracted by baby crying I put the kachori In Hot Oil in hurry and the Hot Oil just jumped out of the Frying Pan on my wrist ! I washed My wrist immediately with Running tap water , than took some Ice cubes from the refrigerator and gently rubbed on the Affected skin. But I had this burning sensation on my skin and I realized this is a major Burn accident . I was already sad to think that I will have this burn mark on my hand/wrist forever now, at least for many years. Burns marks fade slowly , I have previous burn experiences as well :- Once I touched the hot iron by mistake . Once In the Bangalore India Beauty Parlor the girl burned My Skin with Hot Wax. Another time I touched the Hot Pressure Cooker few months ago!! All those marks are still there on hand but they faded gradually by treating them with nat

Makeup Beauty Products I Used Up Empties, Review,Indian Makeup Beauty Products,Best Of Beauty Makeup

Makeup Beauty Products I Used Up Empties, Review,Indian Makeup Beauty Products,Best Of Beauty Makeup Here Is The List Of Best Beauty Products I Used Up & Empties: Parachute Coconut Hair Oil 100% Pure coconut hair oil/ Virging coconut oil. Parachute Ayurvedic Hair Oil . Revlon Colorstay Foundation review/makeup 340 early tan . Maybelline colossal volume mascara . Maybelline lip balm bloom . Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Foaming Cleanser. Wet Tissue wipes Johnson’s Baby Skincare Wipes . Moist Tissues All purpose cleansing tissues. DUO Eyelash adhesive glue clean. Biotique India Bio Walnut Face Scrub . Biotique India Honey Gel Foaming Face Cleanser . VEET In Shower Hair Removing Cream . Garnier Fructis Hair Shampoo Hair Recovery, Repair And Shine, Dry Damaged . Palmolive Indian Mulberry shower Gel . Colgate Advanced white Whitening Toothpaste . Colgate Toothbrush . Orabrush Tongue cleaner . Bifesta Sebum Cleansing Lot

How To Lighten Dark Lips Naturally At Home DIY Skincare Lip Treatment

How To Lighten Dark Lips Naturally At Home DIY Skincare Lip Treatment  Requirements: Rose Water Beet Root Milk (Optional) Make a wonderful lip treatment & Enjoy and get Pink Soft Kissing Lips :)   Watch the Video below

TOPSHOP, FOREVER 21, H & M ,KIYO ,ARIES,Birthday Spring Fashion Haul Singapore,SuperPrincessjo

So you see a lot of or can say most of the stuff that I am sharing from my spring/birthday haul in above pic. I did shop a lot last month and these are my favorite products these days.I just can not emphasize enough how fun this shopping was because I am finally able to shop clothes of my size (pre pregnancy size clothing)  no more loose dresses. So I hope you enjoy the video :) Some of the products I have shows in the pics below but you need to watch the entire video, as videos are more fun :) to know all my shopped stuff . I bought the cute girly dresses,jewellery,handbag,accessories and shoes from TOPSHOP, FOREVER 21, H & M ,KIYO  & ARIES Singapore.