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COCO MADE ME DO IT”black T-shirt $9.9 in 24 hours Online Street Fashion Clothing

$9.99, starting at 1am 13th March GMT. Link HERE An inner coupon for you, my lovely fans : 10%offcoco It can save you another 10% for the cool tee on 13th March only.

Nail Polish Collection And Storage,How To Store Organise Nail Polishes ,SuperPrincessjo Indian

Watch The Entire above Video to see the Nail Polishes and the Nail Polish Storage   I use a wall mount nail polish storage rack to store all my nail polish collection it is easy to display and look at so that I can pick my nail polishes easily when I need them. I store My nail Polishes In a row by brand Mostly but I use them by the Nail Polish color I need. I got this wall mouth nail polish display/nail polish storage rack in Singapore Salvation Army for just $20 . This was not actually a Nail Polish display rack, as it looked like it can be used to display and store some other accessories if you keep it down under or on a table with a glass on top you can store hair accessories,bangles, and other girly stuff as well. But We thought to wall mount it with the help of a Nail and ribbon on top of my Makeup Vanity /Makeup Collection . Here is the List of All The Nail Polishes I have In My Nail Polish Collection some are Indian and some I picked Globe touring  : I ha