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Romwe Aztec Tribal Cardigan Giveaway!

Who loved free stuff ? and here is a chance for you to win free Cardigan... Romwe Aztec Tribal Cardigan Giveaway!   Open worldwide & Free shipping! How to get: 1.        Add a comment on the product page via Facebook account to show your love to the cardigan : offwhite-oversized-aztec- tribal-cardigan-p-69353.html 2.        Tell me you have done it by leaving me a comment following this post.  1 lucky winner will be picked 5 days later.  Btw, the cardigan will be only $15.99 on 6th March GMT. Save 54%. Ship in 24 hours. All cardigans has been prepared in the warehouse, you can get it with $15.99, save $19.99! Get or miss it?   * I am editing my Nail Polish Collection Video currently for my YouTube HERE late night its almost like  12.10 am, and I am ONLY half done.. Here is a preview for you....  Trust me its so much of a work I some times get Eye ache .. I must go to make myself tea before I pursue furth

Favourite Nude Lipstick, Sally Hansen 667120 Modern,Broke or Melted Lipstick Container Packaging+ World's Most Expensive City Singapore

This has been the most used lipstick in my makeup Vanity, so smooth,moisturizing,nourishing perfect for everyday use natural lips, I got it back from my Unites States Of America Days when we were Living in New Jersey, Don't remember exactly which shop though. The best part living in USA was shopping alone all the time and not feeling that you are spending a lot on makeup unlike here in Singapore where every time I buy any makeup brand stuff I feel guilty as it so EXPENSIVE and now the news confirms it as well HERE . So now that it's been officially declared that Singapore is World's Most Expensive City , I know its not my fault that I spend money its Government's fault that everything is so expensive here :O By the way If you are loving my MINT Nail Polish shade as much as I am loving it you can read more about it HERE :) Getting back to the saddest part of my life after I realized that My Colorbar 021 Pure Cinnamon lipstick broke!! post HERE . I also re

Baby Boy's (Son's) First Birthday Party , How To: Requirements,Plans,List

So I have started planning for my Baby Boy's (Son's) First Birthday Party , he turned 10 months young now , and WE are planning to celebrate his First Birthday In Singapore , Yes We are not going to India and we are preferring to be celebrating here, all by ourselves and will also be with some friends not much!!  Image source :Pinterest  Image source :Pinterest Few Things That I already have in  my mind for my baby's First Birthday party are : BIRTHDAY CAKE : Special Order/ handmade cake probably a Penguin / Pingu theme cake. CAKE :Secondly We may optionally get him the Mother Goose Club Characters cake. As upon us to decide I would prefer the cake on what He likes, And as he loved to watch these baby shows on YouTube . I will be finalizing one from these. Also I will have to search for a Good custom cake makers, I already know one, that made my Birthday decoration Items and I loved them. So My first preference are already Fresh Bakes In Singapore East C