March 01, 2014

Best Brown Lipstick Colorbar 021 Pure Cinnamon Lipstick ,Chocolate Lipstick

The reason behind this lovely post is my heart break!! As you see it my lovely chocolate lipstick is out of the lipstick bullet holder, I don't blame it on any one not the brand either, but I definitely don't know the reason behind it, I have always used it gently ,carefully on my lips and made sure to close it delicately.

The other day while applying the lipstick I noticed the lipstick bullet little out of place and immediately I realized it was shaky......

Then I see the whole lipstick has been easily coming out of the packaging plastic holder and it amused me completely...

I loved actually how it looked made me tempted for chocolates..
This lipstick shade is my Favourite shade of lipstick way back from the college time when I started wearing lipsticks, I remember once during College when I was studying Microbiology we celebrated the Saraswati pooja in ethnic attire & I wore this lovely peacock combination silk saree from my Mom's Saree collection,I so applied this chocholaty lipstick , so dark on my lips & I LOVED IT.
I do have some pics from that day but they are at my parent's house in India so the day I get them I will show you guys the pics from those days:)

This lipstick that you see here is the lipstick that I got in my Indian Wedding Vanity case that I received from my In-laws side it is called ALFA Makeup Vanity Case shown HERE
This is one of the makeup products I loved so when I saw this lipstick broken, My heart missed a beat or 2 or you can say broke so bad..
By the way have you guys seen my lipstick collection HERE  & HERE
You will know more about this Brown Lipstick Colorbar 021 Pure Cinnamon .

Here the lip swatch of lipstick Colorbar 021 Pure Cinnamon

What I am going to do now?

I am going to do something that I am unsure of but have a vague idea in my mind so that I can do the best to take care of this lipstick. May be transfer it in my lipstick palette what say ?

Good Points:
  • Moisturizing
  • Nourishing
  • Good For Pigmented dark Lips
  • Amazing taste & Fragrance
  • Anti aging
  • Keeps lips from drying
What do you guys do If this happens to your lipsticks?

February 28, 2014

NOTD:City Girls Mint Nail Polish #23,Simple Manicure

I have showed this love of new nail polishes HERE
A mint nail polish has been my all time favorite manicure due to its color, you know it from my last post HERE about ELF cosmetics Mint cream #00812 and I love this new City Girls No Chip Nail Color #23
Its the true mint color not too green or blue just MINT, and I love it, I used it couple of times before this review, and every time It dried quite fast on my nails in just natural room temperature (off course Singapore weather is quite hot these days, I don't know if that helps) But in-spite of applying 2 nail polish coats it was comparatively faster drying!!

  • The best part is these nail polishes are 2.90 SGD = 142 INR (quite worth the cost).
  • Shows as in the bottle.
  • Fast Drying.
  • Requires Minimal 2 coats to cover the nails.
  • NOT Chip resistant as they claim as they definitely chip from second day onwards.
Overall I love it for its color & fast drying properties & because it doesn't bite my wallet!!

February 27, 2014


As it says all, You guys know it was my birthday few days back, I shared the post HERE.

I so wanted to do the Birthday Shopping/HAUL video, so that I can share with you guys, where to shop in Singapore, what I shopped for my birthday and all the cute stuff I spent my money on, but I notice that I am getting too late to film the HAUL video due to busy schedule, Family Parties, and events, and then here is another Family Dinner invitation for coming Saturday, it's also the Birthday celebration of one of our Guy Friend, so I know I may film the get ready with me Video on Saturday and will not be able to do the Birthday HAUL, so I could not resist anymore to share this pic of the stuff that I bought for my birthday!!

I will definitely do the Birthday HAUL as it is so much requested on my YOUTUBE HERE

Also here is the Sneak Peek of upcoming Get Ready with me For My Birthday Party /Celebration Video :)


My Stomach is aching so bad since last night & I need all the rest in this world , so
Bye bye :) 

February 26, 2014

How To Apply Henna Dye To Natural Long Hair,Indian Rajasthani Natural Hair Henna

 This is how my hair looks after henna application, I applied natural Henna from India Called Ayur Rajasthani Henna which is 100% Natural henna with no additives, I kept henna on hair for 3 hours, for details please watch My video below :)

Watch The Complete Video for Full Details

ROMWE Burgendy Heart Shirt, Cut and Chic, On Sale

Burgundy Heart Shirt, $9.99 on 27th Feb only!
300 pieces for $9.99! Don’t miss out.HERE

Btw, up to 70% off on best sellers, check out: HERE

February 24, 2014

Birthday Pink Makeup Cake,Birthday Gifts Etude House Princess Etoinette Collection,Pink Lace Forevevr 21 Dress,Bow Headband,Sandals

You guys know it , It was my Birthday on 20th Feb and I posted the birthday Girl's Pic on my Facebook HERE.

I know everyone loved the Birthday Pink Makeup cake as much as I loved it, oh gosh I just can't tel you when I opened the door 5 P.M and saw my Hubby standing at the door with the big Box of cake ,I immediately got that Huge smile on my face, that 360 Degree Smile.

I was too curious to see what he bought so, in spite that we had to cut the cake later I just could not stop myself from opening the box.


The moment I just opened the lil bit corner of the box I could see that MAC Red & MAC PINK lipsticks on cake (Both My fav Colors), and I jumped out of happiness, and then I opened it a bit further and then :--

I jumped and jumped and jumped and jumped and jumped and jumped and jumped and jumped and jumped and jumped and jumped and jumped and jumped and jumped and jumped and jumped and jumped and jumped and jumped and jumped and jumped and jumped and jumped and jumped and jumped......

Finally Kissed My baby and my hubby and thanked him for such a lovely and wonderful Dream cake.

Seriously, I love my hubby now 100,000 Zillions times more then I loved him before ;) and I mean it !!

The cake was so well made, it was so neat and tidy and just as beautiful as Its in Princess dreams.It was like that fairy land I went into that night, I think I have never been so Happy on my any Birthdays as much as I was this year, Because I had my cute lil bundel of joy my teddy, my baby in my arms to hold to and to kiss to all the time,I just love hugging and kissing him all day long. My Hubby was so thoughtful that he came early from work for me ( I know its not easy for him) and he bought me the BEST CAKE OF MY LIFE, my dream cake, and Finally the Fresh bakes people/ or hands who made it for me with their beautiful hands and love, I could see how much effort they have put in it.
It just looked so perfect that, I kept saying :- Oh my god I don't want to cut it ...I don't want to cut it....

But, I did cut it later :) after taking hundreds of pics with it :) 

Ok so, I am going to share the Gifts I got this Birthday, I will be doing a detailed YouTube Video HAUL HERE

I have a lot more stuff to share that I will be sharing in upcoming posts all my crazy shopping this February In Singapore, for the Valentine's day & Birthday HAUL.
But before that here are the gifts I received from My love :)

NOTE" Heavy Picture Love:

My Dream Etude House Princess Etoinette Season 2 Winter collection since it's launch (2014 Jan in Singapore) winter Collection is so pearly and princessy & mind you this is the New Collection after last year's Princess Etoinette Collection (launched 2012 winter) . I preferred this over the last year's collection (even the last year's Collection was on sale) I wanted the new products!
 You will know why later.......

February 23, 2014

Lipstick Collection ,Review and Swatches,Pictures, Lipsticks For Indian Brown,Beige,Tan ,Dark,Brown Skin Tone,SuperPrincessjo's Lipstick Collection

I have listed My Lipstick Collection Lipsticks HERE .This is suitable to my Indian skin tone.

I went ahead did all the Lipstick swatches In my Collection Last night, trust me I never wore 29 Lipsticks in one day In My life time :) And my lips did burn later in spite of using Vaseline :)
I used a Tea tree wet tissue wipes and my MAC studio fix compact powder to wipe of the each lip swatch and to re apply the lipsticks each time, Finally in almost 2 hours I was done with the lipsticks swatches,pictures ,Reviews and Video as well.

I shared the video on My Main Beauty YouTube Channel HERE .
Please Don't forget to hit that  SUBSCRIBE and make my day :)

Below are all the swatches hope it helps if you are planning to buy yourself some new stuff !!
Don't Forget to WATCH THE COMPLETE VIDEO ON MY EXPERIENCE & REVIEW on my lipstick collection.






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