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Everyone Gets $10 Today, ROMWE COUPONS ,Shop Online Cute Girls Dresses

This is Exciting News for all my Readers, If you are reading this You can get $10 Coupon from ROMWE to shop online  Here is How: Just Answer Only three questions! Simple survey about mobile games! All participants can get a $10 coupon! Just take your chance right now! The activity is valid before the end of February. Here you go>> Romwe.Fashion/app_ 164167473601477 I slept so late last Night, thankfully its Saturday today and I have My Husband at home to help ... The exciting part of the day is I will be organizing my Super Messy Filming & Editing,Makeup Room. Singapore is so hot from past 2 days, I Feel I need 2 -3 layers of Sunscreens inspite of carrying a Umbrella and walking only under the trees, Don't feel like going out during the day, only in evenings.. Have to clean the rooms & do a lot of organization,May be  filming a new HAUL video (after I organize everyhing) By the way I filmed Baby Boy HAUL

Valentines Day Gifts,Shopping,Cake,Flowers,Plan and Outfit 2014

First Things First--- A Very Happy Valentines day to EVERYONE Weather you are Taken, Single, or Your Valentine is far from you Or If You Just Broke up!! :) Don't forget to celebrate your own life anytime whatever life offers you be happy . The highlight of the Day was the THE Cake I fell in love with this was the best ever Valentines Day cake, I probably never fell In love with any Cake so far as much as I did fall for it, I just took pics after pics of this cake, I also had a baby photo shoot at home, as my baby is 9 Months old now and its Baby's First Valentines Day, I clicked his lot of cute pics, That he is gonna love when he grows up :) Below is a pic from his shoot! Those tiny blue shoes are his tiny feet holding the Valentines Day Rose Bouquet .   Cake before we cut it... Isn't it so lovely.... and it was too tasty Yumm... We Just loved it so much.. I got up too early today & got ready with baby by 10 am, and it was time

Birthday Candles ,Room Decor Wall Sticker,Baby Boy First Year Album,Thermas Heater etc , Singapore Home Decor & Baby Shopping

Valentines Day 2014, Baby's First Valentine's Day !! Valentines Day Cake & Flowers

Baby's First Valentine's Day !! He is sending you Hugs,kisses,Cake,flowers ,Baloons & LOVE Aren't his shoes super cute ? Damn sometimes I feel like wearing them :), I am spending the day Shopping,Eating out & celebrating whole day with my baby boy & in Evening with love of my life My Man :) he bought me these flowers last night & I will share the more stuff later .. I m going crazy today out of happiness of the stuff I got recently.... Hope you are having fun with yourself :) Even if you don't have a Valentine Don't forget to treat yourself with LOVE. . You Deserve all love & care ... Muuuhhaaaa   ... Happy valentines Day All my Readers :)

Couple's 123 TAG , Happy Valentine's Day Gift For Her

This is what I asked my husband on this Happy Valentine's Day , a TAG video for you all :) This was real fun TAG to film with My Husband , as life is too bust these days, we totally don't get time now for these things, specially the question answer things, i used to play such games in Indian newspapers Life section , I guess Times Of India on Saturday's used to have this special column of such relationship games, and I always had fun trying them as a teenager. Now that we both are blessed happy parents of our lil cupcake, we spend more time with baby as parents then together as couple, and we totally love this phase of life, I just can not tell How thankful I am to God and My Parents & Husband for this amazing Life with my family . We filmed this video late night on weekend when we both were not sleepy and baby slept happily in his baby crib (usually he still refuses to go to sleep by his own in his crib & we have co-sleep him sometimes) and I t

Garnier Skin Naturals Pinkish Radiance Moisturizing Cream, With Sakura Extract,Asian Skin Care

Oh I hate these product reviews the most..  Today I am sharing the latest skin care love, I developed, lately I used only moisturizer for my skin and avoided any compact or foundations just a well hydrated skin to have that healthy soft,supple skin !!! You Can see me using the New Garnier Skin Naturals Pinkish Radiance Moisturizing Cream, With Sakura Extract In My Upcoming Get Ready with me Video HERE   Asian Skin Care is one the best known skin care across globe, Japanese skin care products & doing well In market, Asia is full of skin care products that Claim to clear skin marks, skin spots, dullness ,hyper pigmentation etc etc.. I was so tempted to buy/Try the New  Garnier Skin Naturals Pinkish Radiance Moisturizing Cream with SAKURA EXTRACT because:- Its is packed in cute Pink Box & Cointainer I love Garnier Products I wanted to buy New moisturizing Cream  Easily available In Watson Pharmacy (Drugstore beauty Product) SPF 21, Sun pr

Singapore Beauty HAUL, Pink Makeup Brushes,Makeup Brushes,Cosmetics,Accessories,Eye Lashes , Picture Heavy !!

OMG!!! I love these Pink Makeup Brushes Checkout my Singapore Shopping Video below to know more about them!! I am so in love with them that don't even feel like spend a day without seeing them :)

Shopping In Singapore , what where how to Shop ! Starter Embroidered Jeans Shorts

In Continuation of the previous HAUL HERE We Just went regular grocery shopping & I was super bored as I didn't had Interest to go out that day but since grocery shoppingis Important on weekends to avoid all the unnecessary stress throughout the week, I had to leave home to go to the wet market, there are many wet markets in Singapore near my home, but I usually go the regular once so that I know where to shop what!! and avoide wasting time and money. I saw this flea market and found this Jeans shop/counter where you can pick ant jeans BUT NO TRIAL/NO Fitting room. So I just went to my gut feeling & Bought size 29" as my size is 28" and to my surprise it fitted so well when I tries it at home!!!   Watch The Below complete Video to know more about the Singapore shopping and the deals :)

ROMWE Carnival Sale Upto 80% Off On Girls Clothing, Online Sale

Continuing the carnival sale Over 1800 styles, up to 80% off Start from $2.99 Time: 2/11/2014 ---2/17/2014 Don’t miss, girls! Go: FESTIVAL-SALE-c-436.html?Susie