May 18, 2014

Bella Box Singapore, May Bella Box Review ,What is In My Beauty Box

If you guys are regular here you know it, how much excited I feel every month until I receive My Singapore Beauty Box called Bella Box.
I have also posted HERE and HERE before all my fun beauty in box products, which are delivered at my door step and I so love this concept of getting to try all new in beauty products sitting at home.

This month the Bella Box Singapore theme was "Get Active"

To remind every beautiful lady to get fit and look stylish & healthy.
I so loved this theme as I am too lazy these days and really needed new beauty products to keep myself motivated :)

So here is the overall picture of what I received in My May's Bella Box.


So What I got in this May's Bella box



Tha balm how about them apples cheeks and Lip cream palette

Benzac Ac 5% Pimple treatment cream

Nip + Fab Stiletto Fix Foot and leg cream

 Jacqueline Buchell Fizzy Candy Textured Nail Polish

 Asience Leave On hair Treatment Milk

Style Aromatherapy anti-dandruff leave in hair moisturizer

 Rexona Women whitening anti-perspirant deodorant

Herblean Whitening & Hydration Mask & Hydration Spray

Review of the products in my May Bella Box /The products that I have already tried :

 Rexona Women whitening anti-perspirant deodorant : I already use it currently in my skin care regimen currently I have showed how In My latest video HERE

Style Aromatherapy anti-dandruff leave in hair moisturizer: This is great treatment for dandruff free healthy scalp as well as for dry ,dull damaged hair, Lot of hair saloons also recommend this for good scalp care.My hair felt more soft and clean after using it.

 Nip + Fab Stiletto Fix Foot and leg cream: I use this at night to apply all over my legs,knee,heels and feet to pamper them at night with lot of moisture and to get that healthy looking legs and feet, its non -greasy and absorbs in my feet so well, another latest beauty product that I am in love with totally.

ACTIVA STARTER VITAMIN C: I was much more excited to see these vitamin C tablets, in the box, as you can see in the above pics I ate them immediately I got them, i love the citrus taste of these tablets, and I had these in my childhood.I love them, not only that, My Husband also loves these tablets to just chew watching TV :) they help to boost your Vitamin C level and improves the bodies immune system.

Benzac Ac 5% Pimple treatment cream: Ok this is another product I was so happy to see in the box, as after my India travel I have this breakout on my skin recently some few pimples, I opened the tube applied it immediately on my 2 forehead pimples and they just dried the next morning to 1/3rd of their size. I have used the benzyl peroxide acne clearing cream during my teenage when I suffered severe acne and I am so confident over these composition for clearing skin.Every girl should have this in her vanity for fast acne pimple treatment.

Remaining beauty products I will show and Review on My YouTube Channel HERE as and on I use them.

I just love these little beauty surprises I can see the effort the Bella Box team puts in each month to get these new beauty products delivered to us how well they are chosen, packaging of the Bella box is something to die for.

You can Also subscribe to Bella Box Singapore HERE


  1. AnonymousMay 19, 2014

    could you do a post on how you tackle your acne

  2. Replies
    1. Yes Bella box is great in choosing products in my experience :)


love and Hugs, have a Blessed day ahead :)

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