March 01, 2014

Best Brown Lipstick Colorbar 021 Pure Cinnamon Lipstick ,Chocolate Lipstick

The reason behind this lovely post is my heart break!! As you see it my lovely chocolate lipstick is out of the lipstick bullet holder, I don't blame it on any one not the brand either, but I definitely don't know the reason behind it, I have always used it gently ,carefully on my lips and made sure to close it delicately.

The other day while applying the lipstick I noticed the lipstick bullet little out of place and immediately I realized it was shaky......

Then I see the whole lipstick has been easily coming out of the packaging plastic holder and it amused me completely...

I loved actually how it looked made me tempted for chocolates..
This lipstick shade is my Favourite shade of lipstick way back from the college time when I started wearing lipsticks, I remember once during College when I was studying Microbiology we celebrated the Saraswati pooja in ethnic attire & I wore this lovely peacock combination silk saree from my Mom's Saree collection,I so applied this chocholaty lipstick , so dark on my lips & I LOVED IT.
I do have some pics from that day but they are at my parent's house in India so the day I get them I will show you guys the pics from those days:)

This lipstick that you see here is the lipstick that I got in my Indian Wedding Vanity case that I received from my In-laws side it is called ALFA Makeup Vanity Case shown HERE
This is one of the makeup products I loved so when I saw this lipstick broken, My heart missed a beat or 2 or you can say broke so bad..
By the way have you guys seen my lipstick collection HERE  & HERE
You will know more about this Brown Lipstick Colorbar 021 Pure Cinnamon .

Here the lip swatch of lipstick Colorbar 021 Pure Cinnamon

What I am going to do now?

I am going to do something that I am unsure of but have a vague idea in my mind so that I can do the best to take care of this lipstick. May be transfer it in my lipstick palette what say ?

Good Points:
  • Moisturizing
  • Nourishing
  • Good For Pigmented dark Lips
  • Amazing taste & Fragrance
  • Anti aging
  • Keeps lips from drying
What do you guys do If this happens to your lipsticks?


  1. Great lipstick...looks good on u..whats the cameram u use for pics and videos

    1. Thanks.... sony hdr cx 150 and nikon D 3100 :)


love and Hugs, have a Blessed day ahead :)

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