February 24, 2014

Birthday Pink Makeup Cake,Birthday Gifts Etude House Princess Etoinette Collection,Pink Lace Forevevr 21 Dress,Bow Headband,Sandals

You guys know it , It was my Birthday on 20th Feb and I posted the birthday Girl's Pic on my Facebook HERE.

I know everyone loved the Birthday Pink Makeup cake as much as I loved it, oh gosh I just can't tel you when I opened the door 5 P.M and saw my Hubby standing at the door with the big Box of cake ,I immediately got that Huge smile on my face, that 360 Degree Smile.

I was too curious to see what he bought so, in spite that we had to cut the cake later I just could not stop myself from opening the box.


The moment I just opened the lil bit corner of the box I could see that MAC Red & MAC PINK lipsticks on cake (Both My fav Colors), and I jumped out of happiness, and then I opened it a bit further and then :--

I jumped and jumped and jumped and jumped and jumped and jumped and jumped and jumped and jumped and jumped and jumped and jumped and jumped and jumped and jumped and jumped and jumped and jumped and jumped and jumped and jumped and jumped and jumped and jumped and jumped......

Finally Kissed My baby and my hubby and thanked him for such a lovely and wonderful Dream cake.

Seriously, I love my hubby now 100,000 Zillions times more then I loved him before ;) and I mean it !!

The cake was so well made, it was so neat and tidy and just as beautiful as Its in Princess dreams.It was like that fairy land I went into that night, I think I have never been so Happy on my any Birthdays as much as I was this year, Because I had my cute lil bundel of joy my teddy, my baby in my arms to hold to and to kiss to all the time,I just love hugging and kissing him all day long. My Hubby was so thoughtful that he came early from work for me ( I know its not easy for him) and he bought me the BEST CAKE OF MY LIFE, my dream cake, and Finally the Fresh bakes people/ or hands who made it for me with their beautiful hands and love, I could see how much effort they have put in it.
It just looked so perfect that, I kept saying :- Oh my god I don't want to cut it ...I don't want to cut it....

But, I did cut it later :) after taking hundreds of pics with it :) 

Ok so, I am going to share the Gifts I got this Birthday, I will be doing a detailed YouTube Video HAUL HERE

I have a lot more stuff to share that I will be sharing in upcoming posts all my crazy shopping this February In Singapore, for the Valentine's day & Birthday HAUL.
But before that here are the gifts I received from My love :)

NOTE" Heavy Picture Love:

My Dream Etude House Princess Etoinette Season 2 Winter collection since it's launch (2014 Jan in Singapore) winter Collection is so pearly and princessy & mind you this is the New Collection after last year's Princess Etoinette Collection (launched 2012 winter) . I preferred this over the last year's collection (even the last year's Collection was on sale) I wanted the new products!
 You will know why later.......

Birthday Gifts As Shown In the pics above:

  • ETUDE HOUSE Princess Etoinette All Over Powder HERE.

This is from ETUDE HOUSE Holiday Winter collection 2013. And it is called :-

ETUDE HOUSE Princess Etoinette season 2 Winter Collection.

This is the Most expensive product of this line and I still loved it as it can be used multi purpose you can highlight, you body,cheeks,brow bone and even lips, I just could not pass this!!

This all-over powder comes with Versailles Garden`s subtle flower
fragrance and sparkles like a jewel with its pearls reflected by
the warm sunlight.
  • ETUDE HOUSE Princess Etoinette Crystal Shine Lips #PRD302 Color, Also shown HERE & HERE

Creates Voluminous and radiant lips, provides moisture. 


  • Forever 21 Enchanted Lace Bodycon dress Bubblegum HERE.

A bodycon dress featuring a lace overlay. Round neckline. Sleeveless. Exposed back zipper with hook-eye closure. Partially lined. Stretch-knit. Lightweight.

  • Paula Moda Sandals  HERE

  • Aries Pink Bow headband HERE

Enchanted Lace Bodycon Dress
Enchanted Lace Bodycon Dress

  • Most Important Pink Makeup Cake with Bag/Handbag,Bow,Makeup,Heart,chocolate :) From Fresh Bakes Singapore  .Its a customized handmade cake. HERE

    Complete Outfit  :- I did click a lot more outfit pics but they are in my hard drive & I will share them later...

     This is how the Inside of the cake looked, Its vanilla ,Blueberry Filling Cake :) Just so Yummy & perfect...

    I wish You could taste it too... :) and we all party together :) With this Makeup cake :)

     I hope you enjoyed this short ;) and sweet birthday post .Details postswill be up soon, Till Then stay Updated at YOUTUBE FACEBOOK TWITTER


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