January 22, 2014

Tea With Me , Chit Chat Cosmopolitan Issue

 Got Up very early today, probably I am not sleeping well from past few days, I don't know the reason but I am somehow sleep deprived, Its fun to cuddle on bed with hubby darling and my baby boy ,he sleeps half time on his crib and rest half night with us and I love it.

I get up with the most pleasant baby smell every morning, what else can be better then this ??

Just now when he is playing next to me, and trying to speak some words (just begining to experiment with his voice) I made a cup of Indian Tea for me.
And just to tell you I am having Indian Tea,Chai after one long month, as I made a habbit to drink cup of green teas these days.

 Just when I am realizing that babies grow so fast, the past few months have been very busy, and the best time of my life, I just can not thank enough god for this wonderful blessing, I also realize that time passes so fast, there was day when my baby was just tiny lil creature and couldn't even smile, the first day he smiled we all screamed so loud that he is smiling and today I see-his giggling and smiling all day long, and playing with many toys and household stuff (for some reasons he is very curious and try to hold everything) he is growing so fast that It surprises me to see that knows the corner of the screen protector on my Samsung Galaxy S III and tries to pull it from the corner !!! That's so strange
I totally believe babies are smarter then we actually think they are .

Do you ever read the old magazines ? I just piled one old Cosmopolitan Issue from 2012 ,it was lying on top my shoe storage since months, I didn't throw it just because it was Cosmopolitan, and today in spare time when My baby is trying to crawl on the floor in our Living room I thought to go through it while I have my cup of tea.

What are your favorite pass times when you find spare time ?

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  1. Wow god bless u ,,, jo ur vry nce big fan of urs n spcly ur hair ,,, I 2 want to be lik u a gul lukng gul,, wid super nce hair,, a lovng wife and in sum years a lvng mom

  2. Wow ur grt jo ,,, I too want to be lik u beautiful gul ,, want thck lng hair lik urs,, lovely wife n in sum years a lovly mom
    Devika Mehta

  3. awww..god bless you n your kid :)

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Ankeeta ArolkarJanuary 23, 2014

    I feel very inspired whenever i see your videos or your blog... Love the way u live your life...!!!! God bless you n your family...
    lots of luv...
    Ankeeta Arolkar


love and Hugs, have a Blessed day ahead :)

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