December 19, 2013

Singapore Holiday Outfit of the day ,First Outfit of the Day After Delivery


Hey Guys,
Its been months since I actually wrote down something here, life has been very hectic and busy, and I thought to enjoy every bit of motherhood, after the birth of my son. Lot of things and the new job role kept me too busy, every time I thought of writing down something here,one or the other thing came in  between  . Well thats the fun of blogging you can start from where you left :)
Today I want to share with you the latest outfit I wore recently while visiting some Singapore tourist places, it was a family outing on a nice cloudy weekend,so perfect for taking my baby out not to worry about sun and heat.

As Singapore is very hot all year round and the climate hardly changes here.
You don't need winter dresses , but I still see lot of brands/shops selling Winter dresses on discounts.
Thats great deal for people who want to visit some other cold country from here!!
Well Christmas Time & Christmas in Singapore is NOT cold,No snow,No Winter,No sweaters!!!
Christmas In Singapore is lot about lights,lot of tourists,crowded malls and shopping complexes.

So All of you who are wondering how is my holiday outfit is so summery or chic , it because thats how are the Christmas and new year holidays are here In Singapore!!

Enjoy The Video to see My Outfit.

Note : Dress from :

Hope you are having great time.... 

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love and Hugs, have a Blessed day ahead :)

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