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Ok so we all know there is a huge trend in the market of Bright Neon Nails, everyone is carrying some bottles of bright colors Nail lacquer, this Nail polish trend is going well since a long time, and I could not resist it either, I grabbed a few bottles, and you guys know it well, Post HERE So this is not the first time I tried this Nail Polish, its been so many times I have used the neon Pink color from the Three beauties Nail Lacquer. Just ignore my ring finger I know I touched the Nail polish when it was drying :) This is exactly the true color of the Nail polish as it looks on the bottle , exactly how we love it... Bright and Eye catchy I picked these nail art blings to play with my nails, but later I changed My mind, you will see next what I did to them...  My Views On Three beauties NEON PINK Nail Polish Review:   Affordable costs SGD $3.50 for 1 nail polish bottle. Long lasting- lasts more then 2 weeks while doing all house

Easy Wedding nails Designs Using Three Beauties nail Polish Glitter lemon

 Hello Gorgeous !! You must have seen my lime green nail and the rhinestone nail art in all my recent videos HERE . I have been carrying the unique nail color and nail design recently mostly in many videos . I did the nail art at home after cleaning the Gelish nail Polish, HERE I have been enjoying it so much, that change is beautiful when it comes to nail art. Today I though Of sharing how to do the Simple easy Wedding or bridal nails by yourself at home, not only that you can carry it in everyday life even to work as it is simple yet classy. Here are more pictures of my nail art... Requirementd for the simple easy nail art at home : A nail polish I used Three beauties Glitter mine nail polish Nail art Rhinestones I showed HERE Hair Pin if you do not have Nail art tools like me (I left my nail art brushes in India, should get them in December this time :) ) Top Coat transparent nail polish I use Seche Vite Nail Polish  My Views On Three bea