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Ok so we all know the much awaited movie, "Heroine" is about to release, and Kareena and Bhandarkar is busy promoting it everywhere. To be honest even I am excited for the release , hopefull shall be a good entertainer. And I deeply hope that should not turn out a mix of "Fashion" and "Dirty Picture" :) (Previously released Bollywood Hits) At one of the promotional event and the launch of the "Heroine" clothing line Kareena looked gorgeous in her White dress and a statement necklace with the Bold Smokey Eye Makeup Look . Here is My inspiration pic for this makeup, As Everyone is going gaga over her look ... THE BEST PART OF HER LOOK WAS HER EYE MAKEUP AND THE UPDO HAIR Courtesy :Google I already did my Face make you can check the Everyday Foundatin routine Here SMOKEY EYE MAKEUP BEFORE AFTER HERE IS MY TUTORIAL ON HER SMOKEY EYE LOOK


Ok, so lemme tel you in advance, This post has been in draft forever.. And not only this there are many of this kind.." I Mean eating..." Posts .... We Both love food so much and always look for something new. And we are the North Indians, blended with the South Indian Food . Lol I mean have you seen a Punjabi eating " Dosa "all the time ?? or craving "Sambhar" Well we do it all the time...... here is one of our the most visited Restaurant  , because.... It opens till late night :- Yes so it is convenient Serves, North Indian, South Indian and Chinese food, and Chinese mean the (Indian way of chinese food) If I have to eat the real chinese, I can just eat in any food courts here, everywhere we have the chinese.... The Drink that you see in the pic below, It is more like the powdered mango drink, they serve for free to everyone. I tasted it once after that I never drink it, and never let him to drink too..... (even if he wants to) I fe