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A day in Life of a expat Living in Singapore, That's me :) One weekend we rushed to hunt for the Mobile phones Yes the same Samsung Galaxy S3 shown HERE .Because we got the news that its back in stock Island wide!! So after we finally Picked our phones , we had to hunt a Place for Lunch. After arguing on a lot of places and keeping into consideration the rainy day and the distance as well as our tiredness. It was Finally decided that I will take my Love to the Indian restaurant , that I usually place home delivery from because he never been to this restaurant before, and it being close to my work place I always drop into it for treating my taste buds whenever they crave for Traditional Indian good food in Singapore. First I saw This The Body shop store in Velocity mall, I was just about to enter it. But..... I hear a voice from back... babyyyyyyy Nooooooo Me turning Back Yes!!! No!! :/ So I just the Pic and moved on :) As soon I came out of the mall I saw thi


DON'T FORGET TO WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW FOR MORE DETAILS . I BOUGHT THIS GRAPE JUICE TO DRINK , BUT IT WAS TOO WATERY TO TASTE LIKE GRAPE JUICE :/ IN THE EVENING AFTER COMING OUT OF THE SHOPPING COMPLEX HERE IS HOW IT ALL LOOKED  HERE IS MY BUGIS SHOPPING VIDEO SHOWING WHAT I BOUGHT  Bugis Hosts more then 800 shops in 4 floors so This is actually a very lil bit of the place that I showed you. WHAT DID YOU LIKE FROM THE PICS ? Thanks for reading my Makeup Diary, Leave me a comment Below I respond to them sooner I can. Do you want to be the first one to know the latest happenings at , then just subscribe to our RSS feed and you can also follow us on YouTube , Twitter and Facebook and stay updated! Love SuperPrincessjo


SKIN CARE ROUTINE MORNING AND EVENING REGIMEN FOR FLAWLESS SKIN  Hello my lovely Princesses Today I am sharing with you all my  SKIN CARE ROUTINE MORNING AND EVENING REGIMEN FOR FLAWLESS SKIN AND THE BEST PRODUCTS I FOUND OVER THE YEARS OF TRIAL. My skin type: Combination to oily skin  . Color Beige or some people call it brown skin too. My Skin Problems I have combination to oily-skin so I have oily skin problems. Random Pimples. Acne scars. (I have severe acne in my teen ) :( Ya that's sad I still get scared thinking of those times. Acne marks (which show up more if I expose to sunlight / UV rays) It is very important to take of the skin, always invest in good trust-able skin care products. Using a sunscreen is as important as drinking water .even if its not hot or sunny out always wear a sunscreen because UV rays are still present during the day. Follow the skin care routine and follow all steps regularly. Always remove makeup before going to bed.Do


 I have been experimenting makeup lately, and thought lets try my face   hands on the Drugstore makeup. After researching a Lot on Drugstore makeup here in Singapore. I found the most number of brands in cosmetics are available in WATSONS then in GUARDIAN and SaSa Cosmetics. WATSONS is full of numerous brands and lot of stuff, I call it one place Beauty Palace. Singapore is a Big tourist destination and Knowing things in advance will definitely help some. I remember Just the other day when i was at the restaurant for the Snacks, this Indian lady from Delhi, screaming over the phone ( oh yeah she was screaming that the whole restaurant can here her !) (HINDI)  :Hamare dilli me to sab milta hai yahan sab itna mehanga hum kuch nahi larahe yahan se, yahan to bas ghoomo aur wapas aao !! Meaning :-- We get everything in Delhi, here everything is very expensive here we should just visit places and come back !! Then after some time she said (HINDI)  :arey kuch makeup na

Love for Pink Meeting Michelle Phan and Summer Dress

 Oh yeah, I know the dress is Pretty, I loved flaunting this beautiful pink summer dress yesterday. What was special ?? Well, it was unplanned visit to orchard road SEPHORA, I knew Michelle Phan was coming to Singapore and I thought I want to see her in person just too see how she looks in real then in camera !!!!! So I wore this new summer dress of My favorite dark Pink color. Remember I have told so many times here on my blog, I love Pink so much and my wedding dress was also same color ... etc etc ... :) I also Paired the dress with these Pink earrings which I love so much now :) after pairing with this dress.  Here is me with My New samsung galaxy S 3 Phone in white marble, and guess what ??? Well you see it , I chose the PINK PHONE CASE for my cute baby too .