July 27, 2012

How to do Indian Henna Mehendi Design

I just love the smell of natural henna it drives me crazy !!!
I remember when we were kids living with our parents and when mom used to put henna on my hands, and I used to sleep all night with henna on my hand, (and some precautions like newspaper, poly bags around so that it doesn't stain bedsheets and clothes) just to get that extra dark color ...
I love dark blackish red henna I am so crazy for that henna color.

When we used to get up in morning, I used to run to kitchen to see Mom and her henna color , how it came out ? check my sleeping younger sis if she has the darker then mine henna hue/ color !!

I still love the memories of the wonderful time of festivals and weddings at my parents place back in India.

I swear I got tears in my eyes writing this now!! Miss those days.

Well, back to the topic , Enjoy the henna design easy and quick simple design for full hand.

Rakshabandhan (It's a Indian festival of brothers and sisters-those who don't know) is just across the weekend , are you gonna do some henna art this festival ?? :)

Enjoy The Video below:-

TGIF , cant believe week just passed so fast this week, and I haven't figured out few things !!!
While I am tourist in Singapore, I am planning to visit another Vintage,old shopping place all by myself .. ahem... Really ??? Well I would love to go by myself alone shopping so that I can explore more and don't have to think of finishing it early ( you know right how irritating it is when a Boy nags while you are shopping !!! )

Lol catch you in evening probably with bag full of some new stuff !!! 

By the way have you ever ? Ever done henna On your hand or Body ?? You Like it ??

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July 26, 2012

HAUL Hair Accessories, Makeup,Clothing, Body Stickers

 Going out to buy grocery late night on Friday, so that you have some time for yourself on busy weekends  ... Do you do that ??

Well for me and my love that's the practice , we prefer to finish our Grocery shopping on Friday evenings after office on the way back home so that we Can save time on weekends !!

So come home on Friday nights home with bag full of groceries and his favorites Mangoes and Ice creams and Party :)) hahhaa.

Luckily I live close to the a 24Hrs Open mall and Singapore is so safe that Even at Mod night none bothers you !!! I mean trust me  it is the safest country in the world for this matter !!

So This Friday while going up to the mall to the Grocery section I passed by a corner where I saw everything related to accessories, makeup,cosmetics and trust me so much makeup you will never see at one place from all over the world !!!

I remembered all of a sudden I need some stuff for my nails, as they chipped so bad these days, and then i remembered I need some other stuff too.. and the List goes on ...

Now the best part while walking through that area of the Mall, My eyes glazed all over the rows and corners to check what is that I wanted and find here from my wish list.

While The Man wanted to pass that place quick as possible ( sorry baby but I know, you wanted to pass that place fast!!! :O)

So I started saying to him: Oh everything is so easily available here , Wish I had time to check the stuff.

He: Oh, is it, this all looks shit stuff, not good , we will go Orchard this weekend , what say ??
Me : We wont find these stuff in orchard.
He: Baby , we need to party lets finish buying grocery and go home watch movies.
Me: I don't want to watch movies I am tired baby , I need to cook baby.
He: Lets have dinner out tonight?
Me: Well it is very much rush everywhere , We need to wait in Que and then order will take time, its time waste.
 He : Ok then we order take away?
Me: Yes we can do that.
 He: Ok hurry up lets pick all stuff.

We reached the third floor of the mall in grocery section by then
I started running fast as quickly i could as I was tired and just wanted to go home and rest.

We finished shopping coming down, coincidentally we got into the lift again which stops in front of the accessory ,makeup section.

Me, again : Baby give me 5 minutes I need some stuff.
He: Ok you check I place take away order 
Me: Happily yes please. Go... I come in 5 minutes fast :)))
He: What you want to eat?
Me: Biryani or naan with something.
He: No Biryani, chicken 65? and fish ?
Me: Order anything babes , I am ok with anything.

Ok C you in sometime!!!!! (feeling so happy inside)  yeah I got time to check some stuff then, and this is what I Picked spending half an hour there ( he has to wait in the take away Que for food , and luckily I finished my shopping by then and joined him back ;)) )

Here is the Stuff that I picked That night

I Picked everything I was already having/planning from some time to get, but not able to find them.
Few of the stuff like that pretty Chinese Pink dress  I was eying from few months just because I find it pretty.

I also did a Chinese Girl makeup Tutorial 

Products HAULED:

Indian Bridal Jewellery : Red and white stones gold plated.
Three Beauties cosmetics Compact powder
Beauty care sponges for foundation application
Chop sticks (the red hanging thread I tied it on taking it out from a Chinese New Year decoration card)
Pink Flowers : From the flower corners , I have cut the flowers from the stick to use as hair accessory.
ZINGER classic manicure implements kit for manicure at home ( I left my manicure kit back home in India so had to buy a New one here ). I miss so much stuff that I own but can't use it here as its back home, and due to this Life sucks big time :///
3 D design Luminous Nail stickers. They are so easyY to use I was wearing them in Gyru makeup tutorial HERE
Forehead decorative stickers / BINDIS (Indian Bindis)
Henna tattoo stickers, just for fun.
One Nose Ring. (Marathi style- In HINDI ) (trust me I was just checking it out but I didn't intent to buy it , but then by mistake it was in my shopping basket and got billed with other stuff, which I realized only after unpacking the stuff at home later on )) And so I preferred to keep it . And to my surprise My Nose Piercing is still open after almost a year of removing my tiny nose stud.
Hair accessories: Colored bands and Pink and white pearl hair bands.

After coming home we watched COCKTAIL movie, It was fun and my favorite part was when saif ali khan's Mom turns Up while he dancing on "Sheela Ki jawani" Lol.... amazing !!!!

Which Movie You enjoyed lately ?? :) lemme know for my next weekend plans.

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July 25, 2012

Shoe Pads Padding for Shoes

remember this Shoe Pic shown before HERE?

How many of you noticed the shoe gel padding inside my shoes??

I noticed it after clicking the shoe pic , and realised the shared the pic with the shoe padding!!

Well If you live and die for shoes, and change your shoes everyday !! You must be a shoe lover and must ne aware that to fit into all the shapes and sizes of the shoe , you also need some adjustments some times and some sacrifices sometime !!


 Ignore the dirt on the pads as I use them very often and cant help it from getting dirty, in this summer weather !!

Rubber Shoe Pads

 They are the great alternative for the gel pads, being cheap and easily available every where (specially in India in all shoe dealers shop).

How to use Shoe Pads:
Gel:Remove the Plastic sticker which has Glue behind to stick the Padding to the shoe sole (Inside)
Rubber:  Just slide them Into the shoes and put your feet in.

July 24, 2012

New Shoe Collection Fashion and trend 2012

 You know it I love the Shoes, and I pick them anytime anywhere, the moment they fit my Tiny feet , ( however after coming to Singapore I found out My feet are not the tiniest one :) girls have feet smaller then mine :)) )

From the few of the shoes that I picked in past few months These are my latest favorites , and the story behind shoes.

Though I couldn't share the pictures of the other shoes , but I wore them in my OOTD videos on my YOUTUBE SuperPrincessjo , so you must have seen them, if you haven't ....check them now !!!

I also shared the shoe collection video long ago ON MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL HERE

Its actually burning Hot here , I prefer to go out only on evenings, so I can still wear these here.

 The first Pair of the Leopard Prints shoes  



I picked on a random walk to the China Town MRT mall, I just passed by a store (Chinese store) and my eyes glazed on these.

Being spent a lot of money already shopping other stuff that month!!! I was wondering if i shall Buy or leave these.

But luckily My love being with me insisted me to Pick them as they had pencil heels and lovely leopard print.

He asked me : Do You Like them ?
Me: smiling :) YESS :)
He asked me: Do You Need them?
Me: In dial-lama , Yes :)
 He : Then buy them !! whats so confusing ??
 Me: Trying to be a good wife , I already spent a lot this month so Thinking to save some money baby !!
 He : Common, I know you need them , and they look good on you, buy them you need them :)) Pick them and lets go home , hurry ..:)
 Me : ok :))) with a broad smile ....
 Me To the shop owner: Please pack them...
 Shop owner : Miss, you need some hand bags and dresses we have latest trands??
 Me : No we will come again , just pack these for now.
 Me: How much
Shop owner : 10 dollars .
 Me: any discount ???? :O
 Shop owner: Already discount , actual price 35 Dollars :D

Me: Ok ok , Thanks...Thanks... Pack them fast :)

and I came home with the Leopard shoes , trust me they are super comfortable, perfect fit, I wear them everyday 9-10 hours !!! They also have a Bow in the front , which for a change is cool.

Second Pair with the Silver color and the red "louboutinish"sole, are super High heels !!


The story behind is that I had a "Shoe Swap" with my manager .. ahem ....,
She is tiny as me (actually thinner then me) , and she landed up buying these ones from one of the online store !!

Then one day she came to my desk asking:-

July 23, 2012




This post will share some fun of the Chinese girl makeup look video- elegant,sexy & edgy look. i filmed today, on how to look like a Chinese doll . I love Chinese culture and Tradition and always been attracted to it a bit since my childhood. I seriously feel the Chinese Girl / girls are so pretty in their traditional dresses :)

I have seen many Chinese people wearing this Traditional Chinese dress during Chinese new year and I always wanted to wear one, this video gave me opportunity to dress like a Chinese pretty girl:) and I so loved this.
Products used for this video makeup tutorial will be updated in the actual Video tutorial video coming up next :)
Enjoy the sneak peek and and some Bloopers from the china doll makeup.

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