July 21, 2012

Indian Wedding makeup Bollywood Inspired

 A lot of you have been asking me for the video of this look since I posted the sneak peek video.
I tried my best to upload it earlier but due to upload failed twice, then third time the voice vanishing from the video completely (that is when few of it already saw it ) but I had to remove it, and then re upload it.

A lot of you have been complaining I don't talk in my videos as I did earlier, so I wanted to give a voice over to this video, so In short all this things together landed up taking some time to upload this
"Bollywood Inspired Indian Bridal Wedding makeup Look"

Here is finally the video :

July 17, 2012

Anime Eye Japanese Gyaru Eyes makeup

As promised here are the more pics of the Anime Eye Japanese Gyaru Eyes makeup look.

Don't forget to checkout the video Tutorial ..

 Anime Eye Japanese Gyaru Eyes makeup

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 Love SuperPrincessjo

July 15, 2012

SAMSUNG GALAXY SIII Singapore Back in Stock

 Before I say goodnight to  this beautiful weekend, I would love to share my new Phone pics.
 I am super duper happy that My Love got me a SAMSUNG GALAXY SIII , Marble white , and I choose a Pink I cover for it (actually its more bright purple) and I love bright colors.

This Saturday he took me to the mall to buy me a phone and we Picked the best phone is the market currently i.e: SAMSUNG GALAXY SIII  .

He choose the pebble blue color .
Finding the SAMSUNG GALAXY SIII in Singapore was so tough from past 1 month, its been running out of stock always island wide, thankfully it is back in stock soon and we found what we wanted !!

I can not express the happiness in words so I just put my happiness in a Video ( into something creative) I also filmed a makeup tutorial that will be up tomorrow on my YOUTUBE

 For Now just enjoy the pics ... Oh yaa the camera quality is just amazing will share the some random pics later....

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