July 05, 2012

SaSa Cosmetics limited edition mini nail polish set

I had picked this Limited edition Made in France, Mini nail Polish set from SaSa cosmetics few months ago!!

The reason being simple I wanted few colors in my collection as I did not carry a lot of nail polishes here with me, Since It was a limited edition set and I saw few shades of Pink in it , I bought it !!

The One of the nail Polishes broke in the plastic bag itself before I could use it !! I got them from the store (which is just 10 minutes) away from where I live! and then just kept them few hours at home, later to realize that 1 of the nail polishes just busted / broke inside the pack !!!

SaSa Cosmetics limited edition mini nail polish set Pictures:

This thing really freaked me out !! and the cleaning process later and dealing with glass was so risky, but I had to clean the other 5 out of the broken glass pieces and spread-ed nail polish !!! :/
What a Bad quality packaging . NO DOUBT!

ELF Quad Smokey Eye Palette Brightening Eye Color Drama & The Kim Kardashian Smokey Eyes Look

OK , so I have been a Fan of ELF cosmetics since years, not because they are affordable and the cheapest cosmetic line available, but also because they have regular sale going on throughout the year.

If you subscribe to their newsletter, you will always be updated before time for the new products and the upcoming sale .

Every girl loves sale ... Don't we?? ;)

ELF Quad Smokey Eye Palette Brightening Eye Color Drama , is a great palette , with 4 eye shadows, 3 eye-shadows are shimmery (Black, grey,silver)  and 1 matte eyeshadow (white).

Checkout the great swatches on my wrist and the Kim Kardashian Smokey Eye Look using this palette !!!

And the silver and the white shadows are my favorite from this palette!

                         ELF Quad Smokey Eye Palette Brightening Eye Color Drama  -Pictures

July 03, 2012


 I have added few tabs to my blog on top of the blog banner, for easy access to my blog, I hope you like it.

NOTE: My blog is under construction so you will find some changes happening every now and then, if you find something new and wonder , I never spoke about it before just remember it is just the temporary stuff, and may change again!!

I would love to hear your feedback and suggestions as well.

Yes!!  I know , that I could not blog for a month daily, that promise is already broken :-/
But  promises are meant to be broken right ???
Just Kidding....

Long story cut short , I realized while doing 30 days challenge  posts HERE that My blog is on wrong time zone, and that is because I moved places, but my blog is still on the old time zone!!!

So that's why even when I blogged each day, one fine day I noticed it showed me I missed out one day... That freaked me out !!

And the story began ...from then to find out why? why? why?  I missed one day, and then I missed the next 3-4 days as well, constructing some new tabs and trying to research on blog time zone.

But I did Blog for half a month regularly/ daily !! ;) 

And then yesterday I became Hot!!!    lol just kidding.........
 I mean I got fever so I totally got out of track but lying on bed today I still dream of doing so many things ....

Things Like...
Buying a new android phone....
Getting My hair Colored
And finding a domestic helper for a less cost !!!

Well, I know I am so restless because at present I don't know when will I get all these, but hopefully I can try to sleep and take some rest now...



Thanks for reading my Makeup Diary, Leave me love, comment Below I love reading them.
Take care SuperPrincessjo

July 02, 2012

Loreal Paris Lipstick 374 Intense Plum Review,swatches,pictures

So This is the latest love, I am not at all a lipstick person in my daily life I am a lipgloss girl and I love to buy a lot of lip glosses in similar shaded but the lipsticks that I like are usually the different shades of pink .

I usually wear lipsticks only during Indian Night functions, I have been searching for the lipstick that doesn't stain teeth ,and stays long.

I am very happy to say that I found one from Loreal that gives me that rosy glow on the face and stays longer , by that I mean 9-10 hours (with eating) .

I tried my best not to edit the pics and also to show the exact lipstick shade, but still i am not so satisfied with so many tries well here are the pics of my latest favorite lipstick .

 One coat of application is enough to get the color and its matte finish color rich lipstick with smooth application. Lips don't feel dry. I don't use lip brush or fingers for applying this lipstick as it is super smooth but doesn't spread like any other moisturizing lipsticks.

Good Points:-

Stays longer (9-10) hours
Exact color as in the bullet
Drug store brand easily available
great packaging
smells so good
tastes good too :P

I really don't find any bad points :)) Love it so much...
Since I missed the Bill of this Lipstick I am not too sure about the price but , I think it was somewhere between SGD $12- $17 ( I will try my best to save the bills )

Here is how it looks on me :)

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