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Introducing BellaBox Singapore

I received My May Bellabox last month and I have been trying out the latest trend beauty products. So today I am introducing to you my Bellabox of May. What is Bella Box? Bellabox was started by a group of young women just like us. We all love buying beauty products and looking good. So they started to send handpicked latest, deluxe beauty products and send them straight to your door each month. Bellabox has links with all the top cosmetics companies from London to New York and Paris giving us access to the hottest products to hit the market. Each Bellabox contains 5 carefully selected products, ranging from the newest lip-gloss to high-end shampoos, makeup, new product innovations (Yes you can be the first to sample the newest scientific breakthroughs in beauty) and much much more! How it works? The price is $15 each month for the Bellabox, there are no extra charges – it even includes packaging and sending right to your door! What you get?  Every month, you’ll

A Girl can Never have enough Makeup PART 2!

Its not only the previous makeup post and its never the last makeup shopping.... Previous I bought those makeup and then I craved for more (like a pregnant lady thinking of eating fruits ), Surprisingly he never says me no.... in whatever I do. I have left a big stash of makeup back home and I am buying a junk of new products in a foreign land. The love of makeup can not be stopped in me. The new love of makeup brushes has gone crazy from past few years where I started with simple cheap  ELF cosmetics basic USD $1 makeup brushes. Today I slowely gradually moved to high end makeup tools like MAC BRUSHES, but there is something in me that makes me look for more and more always...  I landed up in Guardian Pharmacy to buy the pain killer for girl's monthly problem, and in sever stomach ache my eye glazed on the lovely black makeup brushes. I could not controol my self and just walked in hurry to the Cosmetica counter in a corner. I looked at them all, to my wonder they all lo

A Girl Can Never Have Enough Makeup

A Girl Can Never Have Enough Makeup..... I have been hauling a lot recent time, just passing by a store I picked up some of the stuff.And some are really Planned.... Since summer is already here I have been more happier then ever . I really wanted to buy some high end skin care brands because the sun is realy harsh in this part of the world. I was confused between SK II and Shiseido White Lucent range , but after testing both at the counter, I bought Shiseido , also due to the Great Singapore sale I got a offer pack with the Cleanser,softner, Serum,cotton pads and Sunscreen. At the MAC counter along with the MAC Hey ,Sailor! Collection I also Bought their best selling Eye Makeup Brushes which are so expensive but I have been eyeing them since long. Since its summer I will be tieing my hair up more often then usual .So I also bought the hair Bumpits for different hair looks. To Keep in the Purse for sunny summer days I bought these HANDS & FACE moist wipes

MAC Hey, Sailor! Collection HAUL, Swatches,Review

MAC Hey Sailor limited edition collection sailed out in 2012 for summer 2012 collection, I posted a HAUL HERE I picked up the eyeshadows from this collection, the other few lipsticks and eye shaows were sold out completely, so from whatever was available to me ,This 2 eyeshadows were the best. Here ARE the eyeshadow pictures of how the sailor blue and white costume inspired MAC sailor collection's packaging looks and also the swatches. No doubt the eyeshadows are very pigmented and easily blendable. There are 5 eyeshadows launched for the summer Hey sailor collection. Though I picked the green (Feeling fresh) and white (Crystal avalanche) eyeshadow from this summer collection, however it somehow reminds me of The Christmas season. MAC has also launched RED lipstick and ,nail polish in this collection, so it looked more like a Christmas collection launched, but since the collection is inspired by the Vintage girls we have these colors for now In thi

Katy Perry - Wide Awake Official new Music Video Inspired Look

I am really inspired by the makeup Katy Perry has in the trailer banners of  "wide awake" music video so here is my take on one of the make up look that she has in the Today released Music Video . I filmed this video last night afte work, but trust me the filming, editing, and uploading in the same day is very stressfull, but I was super excited for the look and My video , glad that I could finish it it all in one night :) Enjoy the look :) Thanks for reading my makeup diary, Leave me your love in form of comments below, Take care SuperPrincessjo

One Lovely Blog Award

 I am smiling sharing this post today, as this is long due post, I have been awarded and I am as excited as always I get whenever I get any award. And I have been awarded by lovely blogger Beauty Makeup Addict I love her makeup looks and beautiful skin.... SEVEN THINGS ABOUT ME:- I love Sleeping. I am very romantic. I love makeup. I love psychology subject. I did hate Maths all my Life. I scored 85% in maths in High-school (definitely among few of the toppers in school). I am very scared of snakes.  Blogs That I love and Nominate :) :- Samantha at Beauty Crush Sahrish Adeel at Sahrish Adeel's Blog Rakhshanda at Chamber of beauty.... Rumela at Rumela the shopaholic...   Beauty Make Up Addict at Beauty Make Up Addict   allaboutbeaudee at All About Indian Beauty & Makeup ~ By Deepika Jennifer at Canadian Beauty and Fashion Blog-Spiced Beauty 3 RULES:- Thanks the person who nominated you with a Lin