June 16, 2012


My weekend in a Pic :-

MAC SAILOR COLLECTION COLLECTION HAUL , SHISEIDO SKIN CARE HAUL, AND lovely lunch and Dinner date with my love ♥ :) along with tasting the Thailand super sweet coconut !! had so much fun, now time to go to bed, sleep well ...will share the HAUL soon ♥

Thanks for reading my makeup diary, Leave me your love in form of comments below, Take care SuperPrincessjo

Heat Free Hair Curls Using Sponge Hair Curlers

Remember My previous Post on Hair curlers HERE:--

So I tried to use them and here are the results & method of using:--

All wet hair rolled up in the Sponge hair curlers

Just wet your hair , take small sections , I took 6 sections as the packet had 6 hair curlers, roll each hair strand into the curlers upwards and you can secure it in the sponge curlers itself so no extra clip or hair accessory required.
Sleep in them overnight and open the curlers next day (hair should be completely dried) 

June 15, 2012

Responding :-- Readers Query Henna For hair care

 I have been Really Busy/lazy lately to reply to many e-mails . Somewhere nside I was guilty of Not reponding to them.

So today I decided to Reply to my lovely readers their queries about My henna Tips and Hair care using henna.

First of all Thankyou all for such a support and love I am really over whelmed.

Here are the few email queries I Received (These are just the few once that I randomly Picked to respond Today) :--

Hi Jo,

I had send you an email , i am still awaiting on reply as i needed some info regarding what you put in the henna when you apply for hair. Hope to hear from you soon.

Many Thanks



 Hi Jo ,
                    I am priyanka. i have been seing ur videos and ur website for one month. i am so admired of the way u carry out urself........
                    Ur hair is so so so beautiful, its too shiny and attractive.........
                    i have seen the picture tat u have used henna in ur hair its really awesome.........                     i will also use henna but i can see color in outdoors alone other than that it will be black only................                     could u pls say me what to mix along with the henna powder to make the hair color like yours................                      pls do rply my mail...........

Hey Jo :-)

I was wondering, in your henna post, how did you manage to get such a lovely and strong red color?
I too have dark hair, but when I try to henna it, even though I leave it on for 8 hours atleast, the red is hardly visible.
Please tell me what you use in the mix, and how long you leave it on for.
Thank you!


Hi Princess Jo

Firstly I must thank you for blogging and putting up How to videos on You tube for Hair care and many infomative techniques on make up and beauty.
Im inspired and went out and got a few more things and added to my beauty collection.
I love your basic and simple foundation routine, easy to put on daily make up.

Also love your How to Hair care videos. Hair styling video. Infact in this cold winter my hair had turned dull and listless. I have very fine hair.
Your recommendation of Dabur vatica olive hair oil helped me immensely. I have tried their coconut oil but used to not apply oil at all as my oil was frozen always.
This one is amazing and my hubby also uses it secretly :)

Another one of my favourite videos are your Outfit of the day, various styles of wearing accessories, 13 ways to wear scarves,
colorful tights from "We love color" and dull to healthy hair care products.

I have seen all your videos infact some of them 3-4 times. Your tips are amazing and am sharing them with my friends abt your channel and blog.
I have gone ahead and LIKED your facebook page. I dont know how to sub your blog.

There are a few requests i would like to make... You may consider if you are interested...

1) You mentioned you will post pictures abt products used in upir "dull to healthy hair" video and i didnt find pictures of henna etc.
Pls post some pictures and info on how to use Henna ? What all do you mix into henna to make a paste?

2) Sometime its difficult to search a particular post on your blog. Appreciate if you have an Index to link your posts.

3) Pls post some more Easy and Daily wear Makeup tips.

Im requesting all this because i consider you my GURU. Truly learning a lot and getting inspired to look great inside and out & bring a smile around.
Im also new in this country ( US ), newly married.

Love and Best Wishes

 Hii..jo.This is kalai.Jst nw i watchd ur video abt daily makeup.It was awsome..
Im having split ends,dandruff..i jst want a straight,black & shiny hair...

In one of ur videos,u mentions abt henna.Since im a southindian, i heard using henna would result in brown hair. i dont prefer a brown hair. Bt u said its a good conditioner..My ques is can i still use henna????

 i jst need ur valuable suggestions abt herbal products tht i can use to put an end to these stuffs...

waiting for ur valuable reply,,


 Here is My Response for you all---

 How To Make Henna Paste For Hair Coloring/ Healthy shiner hair/hair Care/ Remove Dandruff/ For Hair shine /Hair Growth/ Scalp treatment:--

 Previous Post HERE & HERE & VIDEO HERE

 Ingredients For the Henna Paste:-


 Hey guys! So I got to keep up my promise to blog daily so by hook or by crook or be it on the verge of the end of this day, I have something in store for you guys. I welcome you all to say Hi to my 'The Body Shop' and 'SASA Cosmetics' HAUL. Enjoy yourselves with the beautiful pictures displayed below: 

June 13, 2012

Summer Makeup Look

 Lets break-down the summer eye makeup today which I Wore in this Post HERE

Though I have not done a step by step tutorial for this eye makeup. but due to requests I thought to share the products I used for this "summer eye makeup look".

I just realized that for some reason I forgot to smile in the pictures.. :-D  ...

Here are the closeup pics of the summer MAKEUP Look:--

Products Used :---

June 12, 2012

Oh My Shoes

Few of the favorite shoes that have been joining my walks of my daily life traveling in taxis and buses in Singapore .

I just realized looking at the pictures in my phone that I have this narcissism towards my shoes.

They traveled with me across globe, I carried them to India, America , Singapore !

Don't ask me if my luggage was within the allowed luggage limit !!!

That's just between me and my hubby to know how we pack our stuff for international travel , just to give you a bit of clue ...

The man travels with one luggage and the lady with 3 !!! Though I give him the option to choose his luggage bag ;))

Well long story cut short I bought my many shoes here with me as I can't live without them ..

You must have seen few of them in my " outfit of the day" "YouTube videos" on my "SuperPrincessjo" channel!!

June 11, 2012

Refreshing Slimming Elastic Waist colorful sleeveles Rayon Jumpsuit s

 Hello girls,

Yesterday I wore this lovely colorful romper that I am in love with the colors are so bright and inspiring that I also used a bright eyeshadow for my eye makeup.

The outfit is super comfortable and fancy, the material is perfect for summer.

Exclusive pictures for my blog will show you How it looks on me  ...

I am glad that I found this website that sells these fashionable affordable clothes , the size is perfect for me, and the dress is exactly what I expected it to be :)

I clicked these snaps in super hot weather outside, and realized later that I didn't wear sunscreen !!!

But I still let go the worry and enjoyed the bright sunny hot windy weather and let my skin tan a bit :)

Enjoy the Look of the day...

I loved all the pics..but the 4th from bottom is my most favorite one... :)

June 10, 2012


Summer 2012 outfit of the day ,how to style and accessorize a strapless Boho chic dress.
This video below will show you how to style a strapless dress during summer, the dress I am wearing is chiffon teal strapless dress from FOREVER 21 Singapore orchard road Ion Orchard Mall.

The shoes /sandals are from METRO India (probably 3years old sandals and still doing good!) its a 3 inch heel velvet sandals with crystals on the thin strap.
Silver toe rings on my feet.
Peacock feather earrings from FOREVER21, the pink silk scarf that I am wearing in my introduction of the video is  from COTTON ON Singapore.
The nail paint polish on my feet toe nails is from OPI Royal Rajah Ruby shown HERE
On my hands nails the nailpolish is from INGLOT Shown HERE
 FOSSIL Gourmet Vintage WATCH:- New gift that I got from Hubby when he moved here last week :)
The Jewellery is from Tibbet , imported to India shown HERE

Makeup is my everyday makeup look using MAC cosmetics.

HERE are the exclusive Pics for My Blog Readers :--- 

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