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Showing posts from June 3, 2012

30 days challenge

I am going to do the blogging daily from my daily life to the makeup fashion craze I have. It can be Anything. Wish me luck from today till next 30 days , I will be all for my blog .... Don't forget to drop me your lovely comments when you read my lines from my life... That will definitely help me cheer-up and stay committed to my blog ... Here is a video from one of the latest OOTDs:-- Love Superprincessjo

Salvation Army thrift store Singapore

Wow to my pleasure I came to know that we have few thrift stores in Singapore. I have never been to Amy thrift store , as we Di not have them in India. all thrifting that you could do in India is the road side shopping in Metropolitan cities like Mumbai and Delhi. But to get a family thrift store at a place under one roof is the pleasure to life when you can get do much at one store at a discounted price . I just looked into google for route map and took the bus to the store ad this one was just few minutes away from where I lived. I definitely picked few stuff from the store the pictures below is for you guys to see the inside of the store condition. I would never pick something like that for my future kids or for my home as it looks so scary me... those dolls looked really scary to me and knowing that those are old dolls , I wonder how many years they lived by now and how many houses they have moved so far.  Well the gowns are in store since years since I a

New haircut Look

Hey all this is gonna be my first post using blogger application for mobile blogging , I am sharing with you lively lovely readers of my blog the latest new haircut pictures. The new haircut is called long layered step cut. Place: city square mall Singapore . Location shown in the picture. Goodluck to me if this post gets posted successfully I will be able to blog on the go :) I am also in dilemma if I could go for a hair Color or not ? You guys let me know the consequences of hair coloring .... Enjoy the pictures below.