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CONTEST ENRTY 1 Joanna :-Animal Inspired Makeup Contest

 Yeyy, here is the first entry By Joanna , to my OPEN GIVEAWAY BASED ON ANIMAL INSPIRED MAKEUP CONTEST  Please welcome Joanna, this is her first entry to my contest, Here is her entry......  Her entry details:-- Hey! I'm Joanna. But on my blog, my ID is MyRoses101. I'm so sorry for forgetting to put all the details!!! This is the Animal Theme Contest Entry for your blog! What inspired me to make it was this photo here. I decided to recreate this look but with many colors like a real butterfly.  I am really excited to show you this. It was hard to do so I hope you like it!. I am a huge fan by the way of your channel!!!! It is amazing and I hope you keep posting many videos!!!! :)                                                                    Love,                                                                          Joanna  Enjoy :-- To enter the OPEN GIVEAWAY :- CLICK HERE  for details and Prizes...        What do you think what will be you

Happy Valentines Day with REVLON COSMETICS HAUL

I Pampered myself with REVLON COSMETICS makeup today, it is my favourite Drugstore makeup brand too along with Maybelline.  And I am so excited .....that I found what what I have been looking for since quite few days.... I have been in search if a good foundation for my skin since long long time, and was also thinking to replace my Maybelline Mascara . What can be better then finding another reason to shop??? And my reason is Valentines day Pampering :)) Here are the treats for my Heart today:-   PRODUCTS HAULED: REVLON COLOR STAY FOUNDATION - SG $ 29.90 REVLON GROW LUSCIOUS PLUMPING MASCARA- SG $ 13.90 REVLON COLORBURST LIPSTICK- SG $21.90 REVLON COLORBURST LIPGLOSS  - SG -$ 19.90


 This is My favourite color of Lipstick, I usually do not wear lot of lipsticks, as I am a Lipgloss girl! But lip-glosses can't give you that dark colors, that I desire sometimes for the Night Indian Functions (specially the Punjabi family function :) This Dark pink is my all time favorite lip color and this is one among the lipsticks that I have in This Dark Pink color. My lips look bright , doesn't they ?? I just love this lipstick so I never have second thought picking the same pink color again and again. Here are the pics of NYX LSS 521 CHLOE on my lips (swatches on lips :) ) I wore something very similar on My Big Wedding you know how much I love this color... I wanted to try it out again since I used it only once Since I bought it, so with a good mood I picked this Lipstick again.... And you know what??  See what I saw when I opened it  !! My heart was totally shattered seeing this condition of the lipstick (which I wore only once ..... )

OPEN GIVEAWAY:-Animal Inspired Makeup Contest

Hey girls here is the Open INTERNATIONAL Contest for you guys. I just felt like doing a Giveaway . Since I did not do one for long :) But this is just such a coincidence that I found last year I did the GIVEAWAY ON SAME DATE Looks like I have the same kinda thoughts yearly :P These are the 4 prizes for the Contest  JEWELERY ORGANIZER- BOX as shown in this Video  OWL EARRINGS    OWL PENDANT WITH STUDDED EARRINGS SHADOW SHIELDS CONTEST RULES: Must be an email public follower of my Blog   ( see on right side there is option to follow this blog by email) send me an email with your makeup entry at  Subject of your email must be Contest entry for your blog Max 2 entries allowed per person In your entry mention your name and also the Id by which you are my blog follower. What you have to do :  Theme of the Contest:- Animal Inspired Makeup Contest. Here are My old makeup pics:- get Inspired by the animals and  do a makeup on your eyes,fac

I got New Eyes-Bigger Brighter eyes Instantly

 Remember my Blue eyes ?? I also wore Green in couple of my YouTube Video But today this is My another HAUL but this time I got myself new BLACK eyes . The previous lenses that I used , are totally destroyed now, and for some reason I wanted to try Black eyes. Here are the pictures of the Eyes HAUL ;)) I also purchased the Bausch and Lomb cleansing  solution  Along with it I got the  cute Contact lense case   I will sterilise these lenses and wear them, and I will update you guys more once I use them :) These lense are from :- BRAND: FreshKon

Fashion Jewelry Trend -Animal Rings HAUL

 Last time on my vacation to India for New Year celebration, I had fun shopping at the Changi International airport Singapore . I came across this store at the airport which sells these Animal Rings since I was running out of time, so I qiuickly picked the Rings just took my attention at first glance. Here is My Jewellery HAUL pics.... AND the STORY BEHIND......  TORTOISE RING  OWL RING  MY NICK NAME RING :) I am in so much love with all these 3 Rings , I had pick many rings that Night . But My younger sweet sis took all of it away from me, She saying:-- Dii you can buy again right ??? in Singapore?? I dont get them easily here ... Me:- ohh..Ok....take them ( Inside feeling damn I am loosing them !! :/) Well I picked a very beautiful golden Owl with rhinestones that looks absolutely STUNNING.. But you know right ??? Sister's LOVE ??? ;)) I gave that away to my sis , and still have my heart on it .... lol...