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Japanese hair curlers HAUL and more Sa Sa Cosmetics

I had a very bad hair day today, I dint feel good and felt really low just because I had bad hair day. I tied my hair all day in a pony tail and it looked non- less then horse tail !! ( I also colored my hair recently :/ ) so EOD I just bumped into the SaSa cosmetics store today to buy some hair products, and I found these cute Japanese hair curlers made of sponge in the store again, ( I didnt buy them last time I was at the Sa Sa store ) I love my hair and avoid using too much of heating products, so I thought to pick this easy method to style my hair, it will help my hair to be stylish and will save me from using My GHD on my hair to an extent. HERE IS MY TODAYS Sa Sa cosmetics HAUL.  HERE IS HOW THE CURLERS LOOK thought to share :) till I share the actual curling post :)  Look how pretty my tiny hearts look..