January 23, 2012


 I am lil bit pissed off with myself today I thought of posting the pics of my INGLOT NAIL enamel and so I was looking for my previous INGLOT HAUL post in my blog, and.........damn it !! I can't find the HAUL post but I remember clicking pics editing and writing the blog post, so where did the post go?? that's a mystery now ......

 well that said, here are the pics of my recent love , You know it I have this crazy love for the color Pink, I even took a Pink wedding lehanga when my mom was insisting for red color , But I love pink :) but finding a color that suits your skin tone and makes you feel happy from inside is so difficult, thats why I am so happy that I am writing this post today for a Nail enamel that I am totally in love with from past few months and if can't decide which shade to wear it obvious I will wear this then.

 PRICE: Pardon me for this , as its been quite a long time since I bought it and I bought  other INGLOT stuff along with this so I do not remember the exact price I paid (this is what happens if you don't post on time I actually always forget the prices I have to make a note or save the bills for the blog post !! ) But I Definitely

Get Rid Of Glitter Nail Polish- Sally Hansen Nail Polish Remover

 Get Rid Of Glitter Nail Polish and other nail enamels with  Sally Hansen Polish Remover with provides nail strengthening as well as good for weak, thin Nails contains Vitamin E & hydrolyzed wheat protein.

I have been using Sally Hansen nail polish remover since quite a few years, but never reviewed it before I was Introduced to it back in USA when I did not had access to REVLON nail polish remover , One thing that attracted me to this nail polish remover always is that the huge bottle in which it is packed ,because I am nail person and I definitely can't see the dirty chipped nail polishes, this is one thing that is bad beauty habit according to me, I mean if your nail polish is chipping and you do not have time to reapply it better just clean it, and let your nails breath in natural color.
You do not need nail polish always on your nails but you definitely need clean hands so that others who watch you don't feel disgusted !! Imagine you go to someones home for lunch or dinner and there hands are not clean will you feel like having dinner?? Well I being honest I get turned off !!

The story cut short it is easy to keep hands look clean and tidy just by keeping your nails clean the best thing is either have a beautiful nail polish on or just have clean natural nails.

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