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Get Rid Of Facial Hair Sally Hansen Creme Hair Bleach

 Remember My previous post on Rose Like Skin glow HERE   & No hair  HERE That is my usual skin lightening and facial hair hiding routine, at-least a month if I do it I fell more cleaner and brighter. I recently came across this Sally Hansen Extra strength Creme Hair Bleach in Mustafa center Singapore, and I could not resist pass by it, I like Sally Hansen products and was eager to try this out. Here is How you can use this Creme to lighten your face,hand and legs hair, it also lightens a bit of your skin and helps it to  looks clear and clean. This conditioner in the package was something different then the usual bleach companies provide as it is included in the package as well as it helps to soften the hair before the applications so if you have tough dark rough strong stubborn hair they will be handled care of :)) Apply the Sally Hansen Pre- Conditioner with a cotton piece on to your skin and let it dry by own , it takes 2 minutes hardly to get absorbed and dry !! ( My

Vanessa Hudgens People's Choice Awards Eye Makeup Look

I was just stunned with the charming face of Vanessa Hudgen when I came across her pic of the People's choice award Look, as much as i admired her Black backless dress, I loved her eye makeup, it was trendy and intense, I so wanted to try this look out today. Here are the pics of the winged eyeshadow makeup I did. I have just chosen this color of the pics so that I can just look at the eye shadow, I am so much in love with this eye shadow technique that i now I want to try it out with other eyeshadow colors other then BLACK as well. What you think of her look that she wore for people's choice award, oh ya forgot to mention I loved her

Natural green Eye Makeup

 So I thought to create a natural green makeup for eyes, and I picked my SEPHORA Pro lesson palette Green Eyes this is the second look I created with the same palette the first was BLACK PURPLE SMOKY EYE MAKEUP. I totally enjoy using my this palette as the colors are so vibrant and I do not use Green much for the eye makeup so this makeup look was Chanllenging as well. Here are the Pictures of the Natural green eye makeup look that I created.  The Products used for this eye makeup are exactly the same that I used in my previous first look, check them out HERE just the eyeshadows I picked this time are the , Universal beige n*8, dark green and olive from the SEPHORA pro lesson  palette. Thanks for reading, Leave me a comment below, Love you all SuperPrincessjo

40 Beauty Questions TAG

 40 Beauty Questions I just wanted to do a TAG on my BLOG as I never did a Blog TAG, and I always get e-mails from you guys asking me random questions that I sometime miss to reply to. So I just went through some of the TAGs available online and was looking for the Biggest Beauty TAG ever so that I can write more for you guys, I came across this fellow Blogger you can find her post HERE , so I decided to do my Post on this fantastic long Beauty TAG ! Here we go... Skincare!! 1)How many times do you wash your face daily? I wash twice daily and if I film a makeup video for my YouTube then may be thrice daily :) 2)What skin type do you have? My skin type keeps changing as per climate, In summers I get oily-skin in T-zone area in winters My skin is dry, I don't know if anyone else also feels the same, but I need to take care of my skin as per climates :) 3)What is your current facial wash? I am using Biotique honey gel foaming cleanser though I bought a Tea tree skin c


 So I could not keep my hands and heart away from using my SEPHORA Pro lesson palette Green Eyes   that I showed HERE The first look that I did is this  BLACK PURPLE SMOKY EYE MAKEUP .