September 07, 2012


Oh yes I already posted one Blog post using One of the items from this Shopping bag :) HERE


So, Back home I just unpacked everything I shopped that day, I showed you HERE.

Here is the closer look of my shopping bag, I bought all these craft supplies to do some projects I have in Mind.

And trust me I have been searching them from long, After deciding that I do not want to waste money on shipping charges on eBay or amazon, or any untrusted  site, I wandered all my own in Singapore, just expecting that I should get the stuff somewhere.

I will show you what I bought from Arab street and some other shops to make it complete.

Here is How the nicely packed transparent bag looked after reaching it home from YKK zippers HERE :)

The Full bag has stuff for various things that I am going to do with it.

I am going to glue these lovely rhinestones on my beautiful things.

I bought This Pink cloth from the $2 stack I showed HERE , TO DO or make one cover.

Below are few (actually)n 3 dress pieces I randomly picked on my way back home, when I was searching for the route to come home, I somehow got directed to the "Bugis Junction", (had to walk a lot in hot sun) But I just found these very cute and light for the summer.

My favourite Pink cotton shorts with colorful lime prints , couldn't resist to buy them, perfect to wear at home in Singapore summer, and I always prefer shorts at home.

Another craze of Polka dots, that I couldn't resist, its a long tank top / dress perfect for summer and too cute to wear at home.

This Rainbow dress, Just loved the white dress with the vibrant rainbow colors, makes me feel so happy in hot days, another cute dress for all comfort and style at home.
but ya Once I wear it, I prefer to wear it after many many day because the colors sometime look too colorful. lol

On My My , this is my new Glue gun, was tired of using super glue so Finally thought I would try this, may be life gets easier after using it.

Bought these satin ribbons in all my pretty favorite colors for the project.

These elongated eyelashes have blue glitter lash line, I just liked how different they are with the lashes turning sideways.

here is the Fun beads, very tiny to hold with my long nails hands, and the colorful beads as well.

these basic hair clips.

look at my fruit salad Nail art stuff and the color full multicut Rhinestone nail art stuff. Cant wait to put them on.

A Chain of close to hundred baby pink pearls.

Coral and baby Pink lace.

A thin elastic

Glue Gun in closure look..

the Below 5 items are from Mustafa Center

A sewing kit with threads,measuring tape, pins and all

ball pins


Some Ribbons

A beautiful Rose print Color dress

The Below 2 items are from SASA cosmetics :-

Face Pack supplies

Cosmetic Containers.

So this was my mixed haul FROM "arab street" , "bugis" and "Sasa cosmetics".

I am definitely enjoying these things, but to let you the secret the black polka dot dress that You see above???? (pretty right? )

I realized on the second day It is torn in one straight line cut at the back lil below the thigh area!!! DAMN It hurts, to see pretty things break or destroy!!! I am still wondering was the dress already torn at the shop when I bought it , how could I miss it ??

But how can that be as it had the label and everything!!!

Or did I stuck it in somewhere ?? and it pulled on thread out or got one cut !!

Or was it already a damaged piece :O

But whatever, I still think since the cut is pretty straigh cut , I can still get it repaired if I want too, lets see!!!

By the way I am searching my hard drive for the old pics (11 Months old pics, during my movement from Delhi to Bangalore to Singapore) , Hopefully I get those, I did a lot of clicks while moving places and god knows where I kept the pen drive or stored the pics.

I kept /gave everything to my hubby to take care of when I moved to Singapore, and when he moved here, We moved out everything from our apartment,  I wasn't even there when the movers and packers did all packing and moved stuff to my in laws house !! and lil stuff to my parents House.

Damn I dont know where are my CDs, pendrives, and my clothes and makeup all messed up.

I am planning to visit India in December , yes New year time again!!

And I hope I get sometime out of my life to look at my stuff there , which I will have to unpack and check, damn I am so worried , I am just trying to have all my patience to control my worries.

It's so bad to leave your things to boys (husband + plus my brother who was there with him at the time movers and packers did packing) they will always say they kept it safe !!

But rather later say :- "sorry babe I Don't remember where it is, you may need to find in some packages  I forgot!! " :/

Pheeewww.... Lets see If I can find some pics this weekend, when we both are at home and can talk BUSINESS!!

Wish me luck...

Oh yes Have a fabulous weekend :)

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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, preethi will post for sure soon...

  2. wow, great haul! Wishing you all the best for your craft project ^_^.

    1. Thanks so much , I will share once I complete it :)

  3. awesome stuff u picked. And I so agree with your statement about "boys" :P

    1. hahaha right???? boys are boys, you can never handle them lol... thanks ::)

  4. Awesome collection. And I so agree with your statement about "Boys" :P

  5. Those pictures of the materials look like a lot of finds, good for you, girl :) Also, I'm not sure if you've heard of these glue brands, but they're Gem-Tac and E6000. They're both specialty glues for rhinestones and similar gems for fabric (and other surfaces). I use Gem-Tac in my jewelry and it's excellent glue that has a transparent finish. It's around $15 a bottle in Singapore, and I have seen Korean manufacturers use a different kind of glue, but those are just ideas if you run out of glue from your glue gun or something :)

    Also, "It's so bad to leave your things to boys (husband + plus my brother who was there with him at the time movers and packers did packing) they will always say they kept it safe !!
    But rather later say :- "sorry babe I Don't remember where it is, you may need to find in some packages I forgot!! " :/"
    This is so true!! Hahaha! That was funny to read!


love and Hugs, have a Blessed day ahead :)

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