September 15, 2012


Ok, so lemme tel you in advance, This post has been in draft forever..

And not only this there are many of this kind.." I Mean eating..." Posts ....

We Both love food so much and always look for something new.

And we are the North Indians, blended with the South Indian Food . Lol

I mean have you seen a Punjabi eating "Dosa "all the time ?? or craving "Sambhar"

Well we do it all the time......

here is one of our the most visited Restaurant  , because....
It opens till late night :-Yes so it is convenient
Serves, North Indian, South Indian and Chinese food, and Chinese mean the (Indian way of chinese food) If I have to eat the real chinese, I can just eat in any food courts here, everywhere we have the chinese....

The Drink that you see in the pic below, It is more like the powdered mango drink, they serve for free to everyone.

I tasted it once after that I never drink it, and never let him to drink too..... (even if he wants to)
I feel it is made once in morning and served all day probably. I dont find the glasses so clean (secondly)

Mango Juice

They are located in Singapore, Oman and our India .....

I never saw it in India, though I traveled cities all my life ... But Ya I wasn't going to restaurants all my life . hehehe....

Shall Find it soon...

We ordered starters and the Idiots bought us the Main course before starters, EVEN THE SOUP BEFORE STARTERS....

So Hubby cancelled the starters order and also gave the waiter his dose :P (You know what I mean :) )

This is Fish curry  in South Indian style.
They used frozen fish to cook it, was just a big disappointment for us.

South Indian Fish curry Chettinad fish curry

Naan's were Hot but still not that hot..

Indian Bread Naan

I ordered Chinese ( I mean Indian Chinese Noodles ) and they didn't get any sauce . Even when My hubby asked them they say :- No sauce!!!

I was like WTF ....  I mean I just got irritated with all this but you know we had a long outing that day and we were too hungry to focus more on such things at night!!!

Indian Chinese food Schezwan Noodles

They took so long  to get the order first my hunger almost died initialy waiting for food...

late they took forever to get the Check (Bill)...

So we just had to get up and walk to the cashier so that we can pay and go home sooner....

The Only thing that I liked there that night was this "Sai baba statue " with Fresh garland..

"Om sai ram"

Om Sai ram

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  1. that's terrible service, so sad that you had to wait for your order. and frozen fish!! hmmm don't think you should be going back there again. nicely reviewed :)

    1. yes they screwed our time and mood :) thanks :)


love and Hugs, have a Blessed day ahead :)

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