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The first time I saw this "costume shop "was when I was going to Raffles place in the evening for some work few months ago.

I so wanted to get down of the bus and go in there, but then you know it's not possible in middle of something to change the track specially when you have an appointment.

I thought of this shop again so many times in my mind when ever I filmed a Youtube Video.

I thought it is great way to do costume looks and I can rent the dresses easily, and save money on shipment cost.

The Day I went for the craft shopping  HERE. I found this shop on the way, I was so excited, I almost peeped into the shop for 5-10 minutes looking inside the shop. The shop was closed at 11 a.m.

The neighbor shopkeeper told me they open late by 11:30 or 12 noon. So I went ahead to the YKK zippers HERE.

And while coming back I had the chance to look inside, the shop and talk to the shop owner.

Let me show you the things I saw inside, I am doing there free promotion I guess, But then They are worth it :)

This pink Dress just took my attention in first glance , I just loved the complete Doll look.

This Blue Arabic dress was another pretty costume I liked.

Then there were many thousands... (or may be hundreds of the dresses) in the shop.

Here is the details of the shop as it was on their glass door.

But I just checked the website, they have mentioned here, but my "star hub" internet connection says its blocked!!!

I wonder why everything gets blocked in Singapore, well you can try and check if this website is working on your network :)

You can see all the new wigs on the right side racks to be sold or even rented, but they charge extra $5 for the wig rental.

Here are the jewelery "Arabic accessories" they provide along with the Dresses, and they charge $5 extra for the accessories rental if it is not with the dress.

Here are all the costumes stacked on the cloth hangers, just totally jam packed,they have everything and all kinds of costume, I really was amazed with their collection and variety, it gave me so much inspiration and ideas.

Oh ya They give the Costume for Rent for $50 per costume + $5 if you need any other accessory they charge per accessory.

Timing: The day you take it on rent you pay the deposit , use it next day, and return the subsequent day, so they count it as 3 days, well for this time its $50, if you delay the returning , there are extra charges.

 When I was in India, I have rented so many times the costumes, for my college and office events,
We had a girls dance group, and we all girls use to go together hunting costumes.

Trust me hunting costumes for your event can be very tiring and time consuming process, but if you know what you actually want then it is too much fun.

I have been hunting costumes in Bangalore Traffic /Bangalore rain with my girl friends, hiring auto- rickshaws  , just refusing to pay the auto driver extra money he asked all the time , (other then the meter charges they always asked Rs 20 extra or if there are more then 3 girls in one rickshaw they asked Rs 50 extra).

Well if you do not find costumes in one shop sometimes you need to hunt different shops.

I remember most of the shops to hire costumes for events in Bangalore are located in Banshankari and Jayanagar area (my favourite , pani puri guy has its stall in Jayanagar 3rd block) Damn I miss him :)

Also there was one this time when we participated in one state level dance competition we actually designed our own costumes, bought the material, and asked the tailor to stick for us !! But we landed up spending more then the hiring cost.

Here is the Pic of the costume we designed !! If you can notice the makeup and the hair we did ourselves.

And Now I wonder how come I haven't done this hairstyle Tutorial yet ? Shall do it soon.
The other 6 girls are all my friends , we are still in contact living different parts of the world.

I know they wont mind if I share their pic on my blog, but still preferred to blur them ;-)
You know right girls always : Oh I look fat, I look dark, I look funny and all those stuff, I do not want to entertain that :P hehehe 
But they are all very close to my heart, I just can not express how much close we are and how much close we got during the practice session, we even hired a choreographer !!

Enjoy the rest of the inside pics of the shop below

Pros of hiring dress from costume shops:
  1. Saves time.
  2. Easy access to decide themes
  3. Can do a lot better if you accessorise your costumes with accessories
  4. You do not have to put extra money and efforts for the dress
  5. Cheaper then making your own costume

Cons of hiring dresses from costume Shops:
  1. Used dresses.
  2. Sometimes badly handles
  3. Sizes may not be fit for everyone
  4. Not too often washed and dry cleaned
  5. Can cause bacterial infections due to long storage in shops or may be used by an infected person.

Wish you all a happy weekend

Have you ever hired or designed a costume for yourself or for someone ?

Thanks for reading my Makeup Diary, Leave me a comment Below I respond to them sooner I can. Do you want to be the first one to know the latest happenings at , then just subscribe to our RSS feed and you can also follow us on YouTube , Twitter and Facebook and stay updated! Love SuperPrincessjo


  1. Very interesting and informative post Jo

  2. I loved all the pictures.. wish there was a costume shop where I live!


    1. Yes hope you find a costume shope near you, its fun to see all these stuff :)


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