September 05, 2012


This is Kinda First time I went Shopping alone in Singapore as it was a Saturday and Hubby was busy working on a weekend :O

Also Since I have been to "Arab street" before I blogged HERE.

So, I kinda knew I can make it without much pain, I love My Phone HERE, INTERNET, GPS and IRIS they both are my best friends on a Foreign land, easy to find the routes :)

I saw This Cobbler first time ever " I have seen those bag and shoe repair shops in the mall " in US and in Singapore both, and there are lot of other Great things in Singapore that I some times Compare or ralate to the USA.

Well To my surprise I saw a typical Cobbler sitting on road side doing his job, (this is so common in India) But finding him here was SURPRISE and fun.

  • First because I now know where to go for my Shoe repair (In case I need in future)
  • Second It's a Old way of shoe repair and this guys still doing it, I found it great (It's so sunny and hot out in Singapore afternoons ) this guy definitely deserves some kudos for his work .

And Now here are some Pictures of the Arab street for you guys :-

"A picture does speak a Thousand words"

This is the Most Famous Masjid Sultan Singapore , I feel it looks much beautiful at Night HERE

Seeing all these Dresses (so many beautiful dresses) made me miss India, for sure .

OMG I saw this shop the other day from Bus, and I so wanted to go in , this is the "costumes for event" supplier in Singapore .You can rent the clothing from here, I had so many ideas in Mind, and when I passed by this shop, It was Close .
DAMN they open late !! ( I came to know from their neighbor store)

This random Snake between the beautiful Flowers gave me a Milli second "heart attack" lol... So I clicked him too :/
I mean why they keep all scary stuff in between flowers ?? 

I found these Ostrich Feathers , I also talked about them in my MALAYSIA trip Video HERE, so good to see them they were SGD 60 EACH ( TOO EXPENSIVE)
But they colored them Pink , I was to tempted to look at them.

And here comes the best part , these beautiful cages, They were not too expensive, very affordable, I had the idea that I can use them to store some Jewelery too.

I already liked/ choosed the smallest one from here, if you can see on the second row the first one from right.

But I will buy it later, once I re do my makeup place, as I will throw away or giveaway some stuff make some place for the new stuff. But I Like it so much shall get it soon.

These are the left overs from the clothe roll .So anysize any peice $2.

I Love "pudhina" / "Mint" This was outside one "Punjabi uncles shop " on "Arab street".
You can see the small red roses in between. ( Reminded me of my Mom's kitchen garden back home)

And then....  My weekness the Henna/ Mehendi cone, I asked the girl in the shop if they do henna , she said "Only sell henna cone"

By the way I notices I found only one shop in the whole Arab street that sold henna cones, I was expecting more henna selling and henna artists shops there, I mean this is such a important part of their tradition . Anyways the henna cones looked so beautiful.

This is how Chinese in Singapore Pray, I am not too familiar with all the things they use, but I can see a lot of similarities with the Indian "Pooja "/ praying way.
Most of the shops (outside the shops) you will find this Pooja/ praying decoration done in morning and evenings.
We Asians are similar in many ways....and somewhere our culture too....
Checkout and find out the similarities yourself....

I hope you enjoyed Traveling with me in Arab street Singapore :)

When was the last time you traveled alone and enjoyed the culture and places ??

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  1. wow! i absolutely love your pictures and it's like telling a beautiful story about your city. easily this is the best part of your blog

    1. Aww .. Thankyou so much, I am enjoying too writing these posts :) should be helpful to many :)

  2. Very nice pics and beautiful arab street shopping :)

    1. Thankyou Shravani, happy you enjoyed it :)

  3. Hi again Super Princess Jo,
    Would you happen to remember the name of the shop (or approximate street) where you found the bird cages? I noticed the nearest address would be 43 Arab street from the fabric store, so I'll take a look around there. But it would be awesome if you did remember where that shop was :)

    Also the pink ostrich feathers were BEAUTIFUL. I agree with you on the price, though! Haha.


love and Hugs, have a Blessed day ahead :)

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