August 04, 2012


A day in Life of a expat Living in Singapore, That's me :)

One weekend we rushed to hunt for the Mobile phones Yes the same Samsung Galaxy S3 shown HERE.Because we got the news that its back in stock Island wide!!

So after we finally Picked our phones , we had to hunt a Place for Lunch.

After arguing on a lot of places and keeping into consideration the rainy day and the distance as well as our tiredness.

It was Finally decided that I will take my Love to the Indian restaurant , that I usually place home delivery from because he never been to this restaurant before, and it being close to my work place I always drop into it for treating my taste buds whenever they crave for Traditional Indian good food in Singapore.

First I saw This The Body shop store in Velocity mall, I was just about to enter it.

I hear a voice from back... babyyyyyyy Nooooooo

Me turning Back Yes!!! No!! :/

So I just the Pic and moved on :)

As soon I came out of the mall I saw this lovely weather rain had almost stopped, the streets were crowded lot of Traffic.

I was so happy with the new phones that My Love gifted me , that I was ready to Listen anything he says that moment ...

I saw a old Blind man on the road side selling the tissues. I bought 3 tissues for $2 from him. Because the old man was working on a weekend, he was blind also because I was happy.

Then My Hubby said :- Why did you buy this ?
My explanation: You kn0w it right ??? I feel very bad for old people working. Their kids should take care of them, more over he was blind AND anyways when I buy the same tissues from Guardian pharmacy I pay almost the same price. So better I help him.

He says : good baby I love you...
Me: Smiling slowly me too...

HERE is my RED Umbrella , wish I had a better Pic :) I have one , which I clicked of his, but definitely he won't like me to share it here lol....probably next time :)I share my red umbrella .

This Pic was when we were crossing the bridge to other side of the road and its one of my fav pics all the cars are stuck in traffic.

Finally we reached My fav restaurant Aromas of India.

I was excited for the Buffet Lunch

As we enter we see the restaurant was empty one one costumer inside , and The Buffet is NOT AVAILABLE on weekends. :)

lol, I laughed so loud , i always went there on weekdays so i never knew they have another plan on weekends.

Anyways we ordered "Butter Naana" and "Dehati murg" (Village chicken ) It was good.
But More then lunch we were busy all the time on our phones and the restaurant manager kept on coming to our table to talk to us.

People get excited when they see people from their own country in another country .
Don't you?? Well We Indians do get curious and want to know other people too. hehehhe

That's why he was at our table all the time !! :/

On the way back I clicked this healthy cats pic, because Singapore has the most number of stray cats and people feed them daily ( Lucky cats they don't have to work for living)

Have A fabulous Weekend guys..

What are your weekend Adventures ??

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  1. wow, i loved reading all about where you live in this post. it was so much fun, like a story being narrated, really loved this post. I can understand how the Indian man wanted to talk a lot with you guys. must have been so happy to meet his own :)

    1. Thanks Coral, yeah he was so curious and happy :) thanks

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love and Hugs, have a Blessed day ahead :)

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