August 14, 2012


So after The lovely GELISH MANICURE HERE & PEDICURE  HERE got over I had to get ready for the Dinner with my Sweetheart's Friends. I made a Japanese Friend that Nightm She has so much love for Indian clothing and shoes, We discussed so much fashion and culture that night, the dinner was amazing , specially the company of New Friends made here.

It rained so bad that day whole day, If you follow me on Twitter HERE I tweeted as well the bad rainy days trying to spoil my plan of nails saloon visit.

well it stopped for a while and started raining so bad as we left home, and when it rains in Singapore, traffic gets real bad, Taxis are all booked, always waiting list. etc etc..

We still managed to Hire a taxi after almost half an hour standing under one umbrella , Yes the same red Umbrella I mentioned HERE.

taxi drivers are so choosy here they do not wish to go so many places :/

Some how we managed to get one taxi and we reached the Place !!
Since I place was over crowded being the FRIDAY evening, We realized our friends had changed the location , He came to pick us from the place where Taxi dropped us .

This is what we ordered :-

ANY GUESSES whats this on my Plate ?? :)

The Interior was too good ! I even Liked their Toilet, was so traditional, but I didn't carry my Phone to the wash room so Missed the pic :)


I saw it for the first time after coming out from the restaurant at night on a rainy Night, It looked very beautiful

As we all walked around the place

These walls looked so Traditional like the once we see in the Arabic Movies, I wish I go there to film a Arab inspired makeup look !!

That is all, we came home over stuffed WITH FOOD AND DRINKS .My tummy was so uncomfortable as I ate a lot of food, lot of chicken and Fish, and Its always wise not to eat much if you try some new food, But we kept on hogging that night and enjoyed jokes and other topics .

Just came home Tired, wet with rain and happy and watched "Jism 2 " before sleep.
 I don't know what others say about "Sunny Leone" but I really Liked her "dialogue delivery" and Acting in the Film as her debut film.

This is the same Day when I did My Gelish Manicure & Pedicure

What is the New Food / Cuisine You tried lately ?

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love and Hugs, have a Blessed day ahead :)

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