July 29, 2012

Love for Pink Meeting Michelle Phan and Summer Dress

 Oh yeah, I know the dress is Pretty, I loved flaunting this beautiful pink summer dress yesterday.

What was special ??
Well, it was unplanned visit to orchard road SEPHORA, I knew Michelle Phan was coming to Singapore and I thought I want to see her in person just too see how she looks in real then in camera !!!!!

So I wore this new summer dress of My favorite dark Pink color.
Remember I have told so many times here on my blog, I love Pink so much and my wedding dress was also same color ... etc etc ... :)

I also Paired the dress with these Pink earrings which I love so much now :) after pairing with this dress.

 Here is me with My New samsung galaxy S 3 Phone in white marble, and guess what ???

Well you see it , I chose the PINK PHONE CASE for my cute baby too .

I couldn't click my pic with RiceBunny as it was too crowded and I couldn't push the crowd lol...

So enjoy her Look of the day below her pic :)

See the huge crowd that had come to see her, it was just so much fun to see her doing live makeup and enjoying every bit of it .Lucky girl !!

I also posted a video on my YOUTUBE LINK below

Goodnight :)

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  1. wow jo..u looks so pretty in pinky pinky..love ur dress.:):))))))

  2. Lovely dress <3 you look great!!!

  3. lovely dress and you looking pretty.

  4. you look..like a doll...very pretty...

    1. thanks rubi so much thats a huge compliment :)

  5. wow! you look super pretty in that dress. really suits you


love and Hugs, have a Blessed day ahead :)

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