July 27, 2012

How to do Indian Henna Mehendi Design

I just love the smell of natural henna it drives me crazy !!!
I remember when we were kids living with our parents and when mom used to put henna on my hands, and I used to sleep all night with henna on my hand, (and some precautions like newspaper, poly bags around so that it doesn't stain bedsheets and clothes) just to get that extra dark color ...
I love dark blackish red henna I am so crazy for that henna color.

When we used to get up in morning, I used to run to kitchen to see Mom and her henna color , how it came out ? check my sleeping younger sis if she has the darker then mine henna hue/ color !!

I still love the memories of the wonderful time of festivals and weddings at my parents place back in India.

I swear I got tears in my eyes writing this now!! Miss those days.

Well, back to the topic , Enjoy the henna design easy and quick simple design for full hand.

Rakshabandhan (It's a Indian festival of brothers and sisters-those who don't know) is just across the weekend , are you gonna do some henna art this festival ?? :)

Enjoy The Video below:-

TGIF , cant believe week just passed so fast this week, and I haven't figured out few things !!!
While I am tourist in Singapore, I am planning to visit another Vintage,old shopping place all by myself .. ahem... Really ??? Well I would love to go by myself alone shopping so that I can explore more and don't have to think of finishing it early ( you know right how irritating it is when a Boy nags while you are shopping !!! )

Lol catch you in evening probably with bag full of some new stuff !!! 

By the way have you ever ? Ever done henna On your hand or Body ?? You Like it ??

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  1. Nice mehndi Jo :) You reminded me of my childhood days :( I used 2do the same..checking my mom n sis's hands :) I the same even during my wedding...wokeup early 2check the hands of all ladies ....hehehe :)

    Love Appy

  2. Nice website and great post.. Thanks for sharing and am a blogger from India having a blog for beauty.

    Simple beauty tips @ http://beautytips-home.blogspot.com

  3. thanks nirmala :) glad you like it :)


love and Hugs, have a Blessed day ahead :)

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