July 31, 2012


 I have been experimenting makeup lately, and thought lets try my face   hands on the Drugstore makeup.

After researching a Lot on Drugstore makeup here in Singapore. I found the most number of brands in cosmetics are available in WATSONS then in GUARDIAN and SaSa Cosmetics.

WATSONS is full of numerous brands and lot of stuff, I call it one place Beauty Palace.

Singapore is a Big tourist destination and Knowing things in advance will definitely help some.

I remember Just the other day when i was at the restaurant for the Snacks, this Indian lady from Delhi, screaming over the phone ( oh yeah she was screaming that the whole restaurant can here her !)

(HINDI)  :Hamare dilli me to sab milta hai yahan sab itna mehanga hum kuch nahi larahe yahan se, yahan to bas ghoomo aur wapas aao !!

Meaning :-- We get everything in Delhi, here everything is very expensive here we should just visit places and come back !!

Then after some time she said

(HINDI)  :arey kuch makeup nahi hai yahan san kuch hajar hajar ka hai ek chota lipstick bhe gift nahi la sakte

Meaning:-- There is no makeup Here, even a small lipstick costs 1K buks (Indian Rupees)

Well, no doubt she irritated every person in the Restaurant by her loud voice !!

I felt wish i could Help her and let her know, that its not 1K if you buy some brands from Drugstore makeup (and happily gift those to your friends and family)
Anyways we won't get most of these brands in India, so you could buy some of these..

However, I didn't walk to her to tell all this as My Hubby darling told me :- Why are you bothered about her, if she doesn't find anything here, means she doesn't. PERIOD!

Here is the List of Drugstore Cosmetics which are good,affordable and super pigmented as well as easily available in WATSONS

 Drugstore makeup Brand.

  1. K Beauty
  5. ZA
  10. KATE

Check out the swatches of all the drugstore makeup.

Isn't it so beautiful, lovely, colorful and pigmented !!!

I picked the CLIO silver eye liner as I am always loving my PREVIOUS CLIO eyeliner and MASCARA in black !!!

They are actually the best !!

 I shall post the separate CLIO reviews next !!

Here is My Look of the day !!!

Random pics taken from my phone ! (actually i Pod)

I wore this Forever 21 Purple TOP (bought it on my birthday this year) SHOWN HERE ,  Accessorize earrings and Forever 21 Flower Ring!!!

sadly the Ring broke later part of the day !!! I need to fix it with glue !!! So Now I have to sit and fix 2 Rings in total !!!

 What are your favorite Drugstore makeup brands ?

Thanks for reading my Makeup Diary, Leave me a comment Below I respond to them sooner I can. Do you want to be the first one to know the latest happenings at princessjobeauty.com , then just subscribe to our RSS feed and you can also follow us on YouTube , Twitter and Facebook and stay updated! LoveSuperPrincessjo


  1. nice post....blue suits you a lot...:)

    1. thanks oh really ? I like this purple but i feel it doesn't suit well, may be because my school uniform was same color lol..thanks :)

  2. My cousin had gone to Singapore. He also had to say the same thing that "things are quite costly here". But, he did buy me a lipstick. Neways, this post is quite helpful for people who will be visiting Singapore

    1. Hi Pradnya he was right it expensive here , lucky you have a good cousin he still bought you lipstick :) hehehe

  3. you earrings are so pretty. so sweet that you wanted to help out that lady. what's that really black liner swatched on your hand. singapore looks like a shopping haven esp for makeup!

  4. Wow!! Your posts are so informative and picture heavy. I am so grateful to you and thankful that I found your blog :) It's not just for people visiting Singapore, but people moving here (like me) and with our foreign resident population, that's only set to grow... I feel sorry for that lady you overheard. She probably doesn't know where to look, and didn't have the contacts/friends to show her where. I'm really used to looking for things online in the U.S., and so far it hasn't been a very successful method in Singapore (though hopefully that changes).
    This is another reason (though not the only one) we need bloggers like you, Jo :)

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love and Hugs, have a Blessed day ahead :)

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