June 12, 2012

Oh My Shoes

Few of the favorite shoes that have been joining my walks of my daily life traveling in taxis and buses in Singapore .

I just realized looking at the pictures in my phone that I have this narcissism towards my shoes.

They traveled with me across globe, I carried them to India, America , Singapore !

Don't ask me if my luggage was within the allowed luggage limit !!!

That's just between me and my hubby to know how we pack our stuff for international travel , just to give you a bit of clue ...

The man travels with one luggage and the lady with 3 !!! Though I give him the option to choose his luggage bag ;))

Well long story cut short I bought my many shoes here with me as I can't live without them ..

You must have seen few of them in my " outfit of the day" "YouTube videos" on my "SuperPrincessjo" channel!!

These are are the shoes below that make my set everyday I walk , talk , travel, feel sexy and smart in them!! :)

Note: all the shoe pics were taken at same location (except one) that's why the carpet is same...
Any guesses ??? which location it is ???    Lol...  Its my office desk, how crazy !!!
This is what girls do sitting at work , if not all at-least me when I take break I use my time hahaha...

Enjoy the pics below:-

What are your favorite pair of shoes ??

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