June 09, 2012

New haircut Look

Hey all this is gonna be my first post using blogger application for mobile blogging , I am sharing with you lively lovely readers of my blog the latest new haircut pictures.

The new haircut is called long layered step cut.

Place: city square mall Singapore . Location shown in the picture.

Goodluck to me if this post gets posted successfully I will be able to blog on the go :)

I am also in dilemma if I could go for a hair Color or not ? You guys let me know the consequences of hair coloring ....

Enjoy the pictures below.


  1. Replies
    1. thankyou :) i love them , they also give volume to thin hair..

  2. This is really pretty. It suits you really well.


  3. u look awesome in this haircut wow so many layers ahahah =) <3 love u

  4. hi dear, your new haircut looks lovely. I have seen your video for self-cutting bangs. it would be great if you can post a self haircut tutorial video. that would be awesome.

  5. Wow! So stunning. You look beautiful, I love this look.


love and Hugs, have a Blessed day ahead :)

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