June 16, 2012

Heat Free Hair Curls Using Sponge Hair Curlers

Remember My previous Post on Hair curlers HERE:--

So I tried to use them and here are the results & method of using:--

All wet hair rolled up in the Sponge hair curlers

Just wet your hair , take small sections , I took 6 sections as the packet had 6 hair curlers, roll each hair strand into the curlers upwards and you can secure it in the sponge curlers itself so no extra clip or hair accessory required.
Sleep in them overnight and open the curlers next day (hair should be completely dried) 

Next Morning after opening the Sponge curlers:--

My Inputs:-
  • I feel it is a good way to curl hair (heat free)
  • Sleeping in curlers is ok, but not very comfortable.
  • The curls were not very well defined, but ok for some waves and uneven curls.
  • Takes long time for hair to curl ( rolled hair in hair curlers take time to dry naturally)
  • Its good alternative for cheap hair curling and great that it's heat free.
  • Costs very less for new hair look.

Kawaii sponge hair curlers - SG $ 5.90 (was in Feb offer so billed 4.90)

Ps: Do not look at the makeup in the hair curler pics, that's just a trial makeup I did that night for some time-pass and Fun :) lolz...

 What are your ways and tricks to curls hair naturally ??

Thanks for reading my makeup diary, Leave me your love in form of comments below, Take care SuperPrincessjo


  1. Even I have tried these from SASA...really nice and good for hairs :)


    1. thanks cool, do u use them often ? i use them only when i take hair wash at night :)

  2. The sides of these straighteners are rounded so they can be used to create perfectly straight hair, waves, or curls. hair curling wand

  3. Then the rollers are clipped in place and allowed to cool before they are removed. Although rollers come out to be more expensive as compared to a curling iron, the curls that they provide the hair with, last much longer, than those formed by the curling iron, and will give a full head of curls.
    best hair roller


love and Hugs, have a Blessed day ahead :)

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