February 04, 2012

What to wear for valentines day

Weather you are single or have found your charming Love, celebrate this Valentines Day with pampering yourself :)

First thing to be happy... is to pamper yourself ... Give yourself that priority that you wish to have, and see the magic rolling into your life with loads of love...

May you all find your prince charming and princesses soon.......

Well Valentines day is around the corner and I am so excited, Love in my life has so much of importance and its a big support in everything I do, I am a very romantic person and I don't miss out on any occasions to celebrate after all we are here for some time in this world and we should make use of each opportunity to say That you love him/her ...

Today is my sweethearts Birthday and I am so happy to share this post on such a blessed day he was born..for me :))

I shopped this lovely Red dress from LIKES Boutique City Square Mall Singapore ( Its the first ECO mall in Singapore )

This is everything that I am going to wear On valentines day this year:-
Which Includes Fragrance,makeup,accessory and outfit.

The dress is a Red Puffy side Balloon  fitted party dress.
The belt is separate & I bought  it separately from the same store.

Here are the pics.....

Here is the Closure of the belt buckle it has some rhinestones.  I choose one that doesn't have  A very huge buckle . The side of the Buckle has the black snake prints.

 Complete outfit :

LIKES Boutique Red dress.
URBAN DECAY NAKED PALETTE eye Makeup I want to keep it simple and natural.
Jimmy Choo perfume This is my new favorite these days.
FOSSIL Swarovski watch.
Black Stilettos Pencil heels they have these beautiful side frills near the ankle 
OPI Nail Polish Extravaganza
Single Pearl Bracelet
That Ring that says BABY :)

 This is all :) hope you guys got some idea on what to wear and yet keep it simple and pretty.

Here is Valentines day Simple Make Up Tutorial by SuperPrincessjo

Here is a Night Makeup Tutorial for Valentines Day

Hopefully you got some great ideas for you Valentines day now
 let me know What are your plans to wear on Valentines day?

Thanks for reading, Leave me a comment below, Love you all SuperPrincessjo


  1. Great products <3 Love the dress!!!!

  2. thank you so much for stopping by my blog...your blog is amazing I am definitely following you back. And by the I love this outfit. There is nothing like a little red dress on valentine's day!

    1. Hi GIselle ,Thank you so much, I love reaing your blog as well, thanks for stopping by :) much love <3


love and Hugs, have a Blessed day ahead :)

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