February 16, 2012

CONTEST ENRTY 1 Joanna :-Animal Inspired Makeup Contest

 Yeyy, here is the first entry By Joanna , to my OPEN GIVEAWAY BASED ON ANIMAL INSPIRED MAKEUP CONTEST 

Please welcome Joanna, this is her first entry to my contest,

Here is her entry......

 Her entry details:--

Hey! I'm Joanna. But on my blog, my ID is MyRoses101. I'm so sorry for forgetting to put all the details!!! This is the Animal Theme Contest Entry for your blog! What inspired me to make it was this photo here. I decided to recreate this look but with many colors like a real butterfly.  I am really excited to show you this. It was hard to do so I hope you like it!. I am a huge fan by the way of your channel!!!! It is amazing and I hope you keep posting many videos!!!! :)

                                                                         JoannaRed rose

 Enjoy :--
To enter the OPEN GIVEAWAY :- CLICK HERE  for details and Prizes...

       What do you think what will be your entry? to win all those fabulous prizes...

Thanks for reading my makeup diary, Leave me your love in form of comments below, Take care SuperPrincessjo


  1. Replies
    1. :) thanks for building her confidence :) hope u enter too :)

  2. pretty one...loved it... lemme see if i can think of something :)

    1. thanks, sure Hope to see your creativity soon :) goodluck to you too..

  3. Wow...Thts interesting :) She has done a gr8 job .. =)
    Waitin to see more such bful entries

    The Sweet Life

    1. I hope so too :) thanks :) and goodluck if you planning to enter too :)

  4. wow very nice initiative i like it keep it on dear take care


love and Hugs, have a Blessed day ahead :)

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