January 14, 2012

SEPHORA Pro lesson palette Green Eyes

I picked this makeup palette in my Dec (2011) HAUL from SEPHORA orchard road,  I was excited to see it !! as it has exclusive 6 colors in a compact pack, with a brown eye liner inclusive (which I can use as eye brow pencil) and I can carry it in my purse or travel makeup bag easily without thinking I missed some eye shadow.

 This is how the swatches look , on the left you can see the swatches of the natural shades and the right is for the Smoky eye look. This is a great palette to create natural look and Smoky look ,  for me its like my day and Night palette on the go.
 Colors Include :
From left Top :
Natural:- Universal beige n*8 , Dark green, Olive
Smokey eye:- Black purple, Burgundy, Ice beige

 This is a makeup palette with illustrations to help you create the looks with it, though it contains the green and purple shades I like the purple more then the green, as I really don't think green suits my skin tone. Basically the palette helps you to create 2 looks but if you are an artist you can play around with these colors for more fun looks.

The eys shadows last for long, I will tell you how?  in my next post! :) I can surely say the eyeshadows blend really well , so even if you are a beginner at self grooming and makeup you can use them easily and have fun with the looks.

The one negative thing is that this eye-shadows have lot of fall out, so I recommend you to do your eye makeup first then clean up the fallout's with a gentle tissue and finish your face makeup that will HELP!

The brown linear pencil included in the box is good enough to do your eyebrows i would really not use it to do the eye makeup as I feel I have better options for eyeliners.

PRICE: SG $65 , IND Rs : 2600
I also pay GST on these purchases in Singapore which is exclusive of this product price so 7% GST extra on each purchase

If you wish to buy it Online you can buy it HERE 

Available: across SEPHORA stores.

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  1. I so wish Sephora had stores in India!!! And hey-you have a lovely blog-me following you!!! :) :)


    1. thanks so much dear for following, I wish too that SEPHORA opens in India ,I had read news sometime back they are planning to open in India but after that no updates, if they open that would be the best thing...for makeup lovers in India.


love and Hugs, have a Blessed day ahead :)

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