January 14, 2012

OPI Royal Rajah Ruby

 This is my First Nail Polish from OPI , The main reason is that I had difficulty finding it in India and the places where it was available were FAR  from where I lived, The other day we had a flea market in Singapore in United square mall, I didn't like anything that I could pick, but then I saw this stall where all the girls were peeping in to and there were lot of nail art stuff on it for sale, the name OPI just took my attention, Then I looked there for sometime to see what others are doing and a lot of girls picked the OPI nail colors from it, but since I was not sure of the prices out of curiosity I spoke to the stall owner and asked her why they are cheap here are they real ?? She looked at me for a moment then answered yes they are, I am a nail artist and dealer so I sell it on competitive rates , she also showed me the OPI authentic seal and other stuff.

Then it took me 15 minutes almost to decide which shade I will pick , It was so difficult to choose as i loved most of it, But then for a fraction of second I thought , I should better try one first then decide do I really wanna pick many shades ??

So I picked this one color Royal Rajah Ruby thinking in mind that lately I been using only light shades and I need some dark color, also I though of the wedding we have in Family in March, so may I can use this dark shade during wedding days as well. :) we girls think really too much ....don't we ??

So This is the shade how it looks on me :

This color is so spring color , I have applied only one coat of the nail polish this is the exact shade that you get in one coat, i felt the 2  coats will make it look more darker and you can not see the actual shade as it makes to look more dark and blackish.
I am in total love with color, I have been wanting this shade from so long, excited to wear it, I hope this stays for a week on my nails this is what I expect from it.

Price : SG $10 (got it on discount offer ) , IND Rs :400, Regular price SG $22.00

In case you want to order online then you can find it HERE

Thanks for reading, Leave me a comment below, Love you all SuperPrincessjo


love and Hugs, have a Blessed day ahead :)

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