January 21, 2012

Get Rid Of Facial Hair Sally Hansen Creme Hair Bleach

 Remember My previous post on Rose Like Skin glow HERE  & No hair  HERE That is my usual skin lightening and facial hair hiding routine, at-least a month if I do it I fell more cleaner and brighter.

I recently came across this Sally Hansen Extra strength Creme Hair Bleach in Mustafa center Singapore, and I could not resist pass by it, I like Sally Hansen products and was eager to try this out.

Here is How you can use this Creme to lighten your face,hand and legs hair, it also lightens a bit of your skin and helps it to  looks clear and clean.

This conditioner in the package was something different then the usual bleach companies provide as it is included in the package as well as it helps to soften the hair before the applications so if you have tough dark rough strong stubborn hair they will be handled care of :))

Apply the Sally Hansen Pre- Conditioner with a cotton piece on to your skin and let it dry by own , it takes 2 minutes hardly to get absorbed and dry !! ( My experience )

Then Mix the Activator and the Sally Hansen cream in 1:3 ratio the instructions are included in the pack  .

5 ml activator and 15 ml creme, Now mix it well  for few seconds till you feel the activator particles mixed well with the cream , you can feel the creme makes little bit froth kind of texture and this helps to lightens the hair.
 Leave the application on your face for 8 minutes , check it with the spatula (includes in the pack with mixing

container ) after 7-8 minutes if this is what you desire, If NOT let it continue for extra 2-3 minutes!!

And You are Done!!!

Here is my weird pic on BEFORE and AFTER application .

Price: S $ 12.50 , IND Rs 500

Availability: In Mustafa Singapore , I never found them in Watson and guardian pharmacy, so i do not know where else you can find them :)

Instuctions :
Do not use of cut,burns,pimples,dried,under treatment,sensitive skin!!  Do a Patch test before full application.

I personally did not had any irritation, burning when I used it though as like other bleach cremes when I used this I has tears in my eyes due to the strong smell and chemical activity, so do not wear your contacts while application and keep your eyes safe and close as much as you can!!

I definitely Look tired In the before after pics As I am over occupied with things and no proper sleep since past 2 nights !! Sigh..... I need to enjoy My Chinese New Year Holidays with lot and lots of SLEEP......

Thanks for reading, Leave me a comment below, Love you all SuperPrincessjo


  1. this sounds nice.I do have lods of facial hair,laser treatement didn't work either..dont know what to do. am really scared regarding bleaches..i hv dry sensitive skin :(

    1. if you have dry sensitive skin then it always good that you try out with some natural bleaching ways like using lime juice for 5-10 minutes daily that will give you burning as well but with time it bleaches away the facial hair... thanks for coming to my blog :)

  2. oh i need something like this jo. u made me remeber to buy it hahaha :) my hair became so dark and it's so bad looking :D thanks for this lovely post love ya =)

    1. Ha ha ha u r right sometimes we forget , to do it , even I forget then when I remember I have to dO it immediately :))

  3. Hello there. I wish i could use bleach cream like this one of Sally Hanson on my facial hair and on my arms, but unfortunately my mom doesn't let me to. I don't want to wax it or shave it or anything to make it go away from my skin, if i do, i know i'll have to do it again and again which i don't want to. I'm very hopeless by using lemon juice, i think I've used it three times but not ordinary, no results. I can't do it daily my skin's dry :/
    Help me please. My life is all about this i guess.

  4. Is there any other way to bleach my facial and arms hair but without this bleach cream ? my mom doesn't want to buy me this, she is scared it would cause me negative consequences. And I'm hopeless about home recipes for bleaching the hair, I tried lemon juice on like three times but not ordinary and there were of course no results. My life was all about this and i remember quite well how it all started, i wish some one could help me. I want to feel comfortable in my own skin.

  5. AnonymousJune 23, 2013

    Where i can buy it ? Thanks

  6. Hi...Recently I have come across your videos in Youtube..I have seen many..liked so subscribed to ur channel..now I am seeing all ur posts...you are an inspiration...Thanks alot for all ur posts...
    I have a question..I wanted to do waxing on my face to remove hair...but since mine is sensitive skin..i m scared of doing it..But this cream removes hair or just lightens the color?
    Please reply

  7. Hi...recently I have come across ur videos in youtube...i liked many..so subscribed to ur channel..now i m following your blog also...u r an inspiration to women....thanks alot for ur posts....
    I have a problem...i wanted to do waxing to remove facial hair but i m scared as mine is pretty sensitive skin..so what do u suggest? can I try this? this just lightens the hair color or removes hair?
    please reply

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  9. The level of waxes to margarines to oils will change in various items for various skin types. On the off chance that you are uncertain about what item to use for your skin type, it merits soliciting the maker or provider which from their specific items will be generally valuable for your skin type. Beauty shop !

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